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My Atos Medical Examintation

This morning i had to have an interview and examination as i am claiming esa ,My doctor had written a report and as i am unable to drive sent a fax through to them ,She had also sent in a sick note stating long term illness , but I still had to go , (They did pay for my taxi ) £40 each way I GOT HOME AT 11AM and have been in bed since ! What they asked me to do has left me wiped out and legs are aching so badly ! I just hope it was all worth it

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Bless you this is the thing they diont realise when you have these medicals that what they ask you to do can wipe out for days yeah ok it bend this way that way and any other way but when you have got there travelled home that has really done you in they dont see you when you get back and the after effects??!! yeah i hope itwas all worth it you have nice hot tea and perhaps a lovely bath to relax you a bit . love to you and soft hugs Diddle xxxx


Hi Sue, sorry to hear you are so wiped out and sore, i had to go and see the Atos so called doctors, the 1st one said i was fit for work even though i hobbled in on crutches and could hardley do any of the bending and stretching, so i put in an apeal, the 2nd doctor was great, i hobbled in with my wife by my side, when ever the doctor asked me to do any movement i said sorry i cant do it if i do as they ask they would have to take me out on a stretcher and she could see the pain i was in and actually knew about fibro so i guese i was lucky.

Hope it all goes well for you

Keep your chin up :)



Like you Chorley, I refused to do the bending and stretching, they asked me to bed and touch my toes, I told them if i tried that I would fall over and they would have to pick me up so I didn;t have to do it.

the trouble is at these ATOS interviews alot of people are scared to refuse to do things and try to do them so the examnier automatically thinks they are ok.

If you can't do something, just say so !!!


at the moment they are making everyone missrable with benifits when there are so many people out of work and so many people who cause their own problems why do they treat everyone the same ??

good luck xx


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