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Pay back !

Hi all,

Well after my really good week last week now comes payback time !

Tuesday , woke up with severe pain in LRH side abdomen. Thinking appendicitis I panicked . Read up a bit about it and had no other symptoms so waited a while and it eased off . Turned out to be my IBS , my bowel went into overdrive . Wednesday the Fibo kicked in, memory lapses, muscle spasms , my finger locked ( for a small joint it don't half hurt ! ). Back pain and chest pain driving me loopy ( OK more loopy than I already was ! )

I've tried resting, gentle exercise, painkillers but this week nothing is going to work so just have to wait it out . Because of all this causing an inability to go out , the Agoraphobia is starting to take hold again...

I'm supposed to be moving house next week starting on Friday , from West Midlands to Hampshire . That's gonna be fun !

Thank God my sense of humour hasn't deserted me yet........ ;)

So how's everyone else doing this week ?


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Keep your sense of humour at all cost. Definitely need a good one!

I hope you are getting all the help you need with the move, and more!

I find heat works, along with co codamol! The only problem is the hot water bottle or barley cushion go cold! Why cant it stay hot hot hot for ever!

Oh to dream of the sunshine......

Fingers crossed (not literally cos it hurts!!) for a pain free move.



Thanks Louise , I may be able to cross my toes instead lol.

I wish I could use heat , but I'm suffering the dreaded hot flushes of the menopause and I crave cold ! Spent all night last night hanging out of the bed trying to get some cool air !!!

I've rounded up some volunteers ( well I volunteered them lol ) to help with the move so it should be ok, but I also have to clean and paint my rental house ready to hand back ( watch the volunteers disappear then ! ). It will no doubt all get done though.



I have pay back too this week, my body was screaming at me to stop, but just didnt want to. I wish i slowed down now though lol.

I am fed up with resting, i am trying to shift this weight and sitting on my back side resting just isnt helping my bum getting any smaller.

I am too impatient with this lol.

kel xxx


So sorry kel. This Fibro is a pain - literally . I must admit I gained some weight at first, but my appetite has plummeted over the last couple of years and I've shifted almost 3 stone without even trying. I thought that might help ease symptoms but it's made little difference.

I tend to not eat and lose weight when I'm stressed, and I've had bucket loads of stress this past year or so. Wouldn't recommend it as a weight loss aid though :(

I guess we have to learn to listen when our bodies say stop, but then nothing gets done... It's a lose - lose situation ;(

Gentle hugs for you.



You really are going through it at the min bless you getting it all from every angle and moving house too oh dear you need to get all your strenghth up for that but you prob like rest of us want to do it all and be involved and get everything straight the other end too. you need to go have nice warm bath and look after yourself and pray you are not too bad on move day. have you got lots of people round you who would help? i am sure someone will lend a hand. you take care and dont mess yourself up. love and very very soft hugs to you Diddle xxx


Flare ups are just so horrible, there is often no rhyme or reason for them apart from lack of pacing and over doing it. I guess maybe we should not fight them, accept the way we are on that particular day and be grateful at some point we will come out of it again and hopefullly have a better quiality of life for a period until the next flare up!!!

Where abouts in hampshire are you moving as I am in Dorset and there are a few of us who are planning to meet up, if you are near to the border you are more than welcome to join date or location as yet.

I am shattered after doing a really easy yoga class. I feel an early night coming on xx


I'll be moving to just outside Southampton Rach, edge of the New Forest .

I think the problem is, if you have a reasonable day you see it as an opportunity to try and catch up with everything that needs doing . ... Then you pay for it for days afterwards.

Never learn do we !

Thanks Christine. I'm moving in with my fiancé , so the tea making when I get there is on his shoulders lol. I've first got to get eldest son installed in his new flat , or at least help him to do so. He's taking most of the furniture with him as I won't need it so it's mainly cleaning up the house after he's moved and possibly a bit of painting .

I'll be glad when next weekend is over !

Diddle , ( sorry for lumping all answers together ) life is never boring round here that's for sure and you're right , I HATE leaving things to everyone else . I've never been one to give in to pain and that does me no favours . You have a good weekend and try not to stress about HB ( difficult I know )



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