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O.M.G sunny and warm and where am i????

cant believe the sun is out and its a sun trap in my garden and where have i been all afternoon laying on my bed with cushions and stuff trying to nod off and arms/l;egs/back in pain and whole body feeling like a ton weight, jus dragged myself up( literally) to feed the dog and walk him 5 min up the road with feet that feel like i have got breeze blocks on them and legs feeling like they have got cushions and sandbags round them so probably making me look like i have been in the local pub all afternoon downing g&t s !!! if only. actually that not my scene. but i thought i would feel alot better for a lay down and chill out but NO!!! now i am looking forward to an early hot bath lets see if that works. Hope you allhad a good day love and soft hugs Diidle xxx

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Those were my thoughts exactly today. Woke up with a migraine and pain all over, have spent the day in bed trying to get rid off the migraine. I too managed to drag myself out of bed to feed the dog!!!!! the walk will have to wait !!!! Feeling a little better but have now missed a beautiful day, sorry to hear you have had a bad day too. x x x


lol thanks well ad lovely bath too hot reall came out like a lobster( no really i did) lol then sat on sofa with my heat and massage pad then went to bed that dreaded place !!!! and guess what ? yeah you guessed it hardly any sleep and bed that looks like people have had a wrestling match on it. never mind today is another day so lets see what that brings????? you have nice day love and soft hugs Diddle x


I know that feeling well - I hate having to lie down inside when I can see its so lovely outside.


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