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I finally gave in. I rang PIP and asked for help. They are sending out forms for me to fill in to do with how fibromyalgia affects me. What do I need to put on the forms and what documents do I need to add? I’m not 100% sure. Thank you 💜

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Most of the tips and advice are all similar

you could Google and save to your phone and computer and keep reading this it may help you do it yourself or help you before you get help


(Pip form completion and appeals disabled view uk) the repeat prescription advice above reply is good our local adviser tell his clients to save one from years ago upto 7 years and upto date ones 2 or 3 if successful it can help you get a longer award he says

Good luck send a copy of your prescription and any consultant letters etc.

Thank you so much for your support! Xx

Hi BigCat47,

I wrote down all the aids that I use or how aids wouldn’t help - a walking stick is useless to me (I can’t grip it due to pain/weakness in hands plus I’d trip over it as uncoordinated).

I wrote a week’s short but sweet diary. It’s really important that you can do things SAFELY (I can’t bend down to pick things I’ve dropped on floor so I might trip as I’ve got poor mobility so rely on others). In a REASONABLE time - it takes me 20 - 30 minutes to get dressed as I struggle to grip clothes and it’s painful moving body.

I may have a 10 minute conversation with someone but I’m too exhausted to do AGAIN for the rest of the day - that covers REPEATEDLY.

And the other thing, erm, brain fog moment - RELIABILITY I think (sorry) and I can’t remember an example. 😶

In ‘how I manage’ the descriptors - so cooking, eating, drinking etc - I mentioned the ‘spoons theory ‘ (google if you haven’t seen). I printed a copy off and included as evidence. It’s a good way of showing people how people with fatigue really live.

Good luck 😉

BigCat47 in reply to Narwhal10

That’s some great advice thank you 😊

My pleasure - oops 🙊 sorry, the reliability is To A Reasonable Standard - so I can’t wash all of my body - only upper body.

I typed my whole form out as holding a pen is difficult and told them. X

Hi @BigCat - Sorry, but the worst advice in filling in your PIP claim form is to describe things as your worst day; you should be completely honest, as you will be asked about this with your assessment. PIP is about how you are the majority of days, i.e. how you are over 50% of the time.

When completing the form you give the name of your GP, or other specialists you see including any therapists. You list any meds you're on (& it's also worth mentioning those you've previously tried which may have been ineffective). A list of hospital appointments is not asked for as you will see with your claim form, & only a recent repeat prescription list is needed.

PIP is about 'How your Disability Affects You,' as the booklet you receive with your claim pack says. PIP doesn't focus on a diagnosis, rather the functional difficulties you have with certain activities of daily living &/mobility. Please have a look at these activities/descriptors, reading also the notes at the end: cambridgeshire.gov.uk/asset...

For any descriptor that apply to you, give a couple of real life examples as to the difficulty you have; this is what's needed to get PIP. You need to state exactly what the problems you face are, why are they difficult, what happened when you recently attempted them. how was it difficult, & was there any consequence after attempting/doing an activity?

Keeping a diary will be useful to show you where your problems are. It could also be sent off with your claim pack.

Don't worry if you don't have much medical info; it's your individual response that will show how your day to day life is impacted. As regards any medical info you have, often less is more.....10 specialists all just confirming a diagnosis isn't helpful.....rather send the most recent one, or the one you feel is the best.

Do take your time in completing the form; complete a few questions each day, & you can always ask for longer in which to do so. Ring the DWP & they will automatically give you another 14 days. Hope this helps.

I just want to add that a very good website to look at for help with PIP is

Benefits and work.co.uk

Yahhhhhhh BigCat you did it, I wish I could give you a massive gentle hug but it will have to be a virtual one 🤗

I think as mentioned below there is a great website where you can do a dummy run and find out the points, I did my PIP this year and was successful in daily living allowance because I was honest and said I would try to walk a train carriage so no mobility awarded, if you can’t do something say no I cannot do that.

I had a telephone assessment after my initial application which lasted 2 hours but I was successful take your worst days and how it affects your day to day living. I am sure you will have lots of advice.

Panda 🥰🐼💜

BigCat47 in reply to Panda1968

Thank you so much for your comment! It’s very helpful and supportive 😊💜

I used Benefits & Work website. The PIP guide goes through each question & gives example answers for different types of illnesses. It was invaluable for me, helped me understand exactly what I needed to include. It's easy to forget how our illnesses affect our lives when we've lived with them for so long. Good luck

Hi I’ve just done mine read booklet that asks the info tell them what you cannot do and how if affects you I put in a diary too and statements from work as I’m now long term sick hopefully the will ask Gp as I’m waiting referral to rheumatologist also look up on google the criteria it will be something like can you prepare a meal for yourself ? Yes no sometimes but they want to you does this give you discomfort and can you do it safely hope this all makes sense good luck xx

Iv just done this my best advice is to fill it in as if your dedlscribing your worst day because telling them about your good days wont get you the help you need.

Thank you, this helps! X

Also take photo copies of what you send because when you do the telephone assessment its good to have a reminder of what you sent in

Take a look at a previous post of mine that takes you to a number of guides freely available on the internet. healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

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