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Pregablin and side effects

I take 600mg of pregablin a day and 25-50mg of amytriptaline but none of them help waiting to see gp. Prob is i feel like some1 is watching me and keep seeing things out corner of my eye but last night i looked from my bed a could swear some 1 was standing at my door, Also i was upstairs talking to my partner for good ten min only to find he was in the kitchen and no way near me.Is it a side effect? Has any1 else had similar side effects? If it is a effect of medication. . xx

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hi sharne

i am nearing the same strength but i was taken off amitryptiline i had severe speech problems eeek

as for seeing things i know that feeling only sometimes i dare not say anything lol

its always from the corner of my eye, i jump out of my skin sometimes,

i saw a coat that was hung over wardrobe door and when i woke i swore omg and took ages to figure it out.

i have thought i seen run across the floor but i think its a possible side effect and a phase .

i am waiting to see pain clinic and why i dont know because its an undescribeable feeling that i have all over as if i am riddled and things change from what part of me that it wants to pick on , i been pain clinic before and said i had too many areas and did not give injections to that many areas, which i know 'fact' is wrong as i have a lot of custoemrs who get cleaners in to do jobs they cannot do and no longer work and this is a service i provide to which physically i can no longer hack so had to have help in and hope it works out or close down,

one day can be worse than another i can just ouch ffs and not move.

i have BHMS/eds 3 so theres a mixture of things going on along with cervical spinal cord root compression so you can imagine its frustrating and confusing to what is going on with what.

I swear i have MS but can not over rule a Neurologist!! or can i hmm having aquaintance friends in the medical world also think the same as me, we just have to try get on with everything and we really need some one who experiences what we have to understand it all.

i am worried that what happens as we can not go over 600mg and at minute fatigue is taking me prisoner yet like last night i was so tired as much as i got dressed up to stay home on laptop and had couple of pics and then took it all off as was shattered and in agony could not stand long at all was killing me and i stayed up until 4.30 am and still could not sleep and was up at 10 this morning. i fight it all the time.

My Gp knows i up my dose myself without permission but yet said to me do what i need to so long i DO NOT go over 600mg so what is going to happen lol how we going to ween off if it comes to it ..

i believe a drug called interferon would help which is given to MS patients gut instinct for me as its undescribeable the feeling that is so rough day in day out .

i now have things at home to help like a trolley, spongey knives and forks, a chair for the kitchen when prepping, waiting stair rail and outside garden stair rails, because going near the stairs i am like on the edge of a cliff woooo then go all over place, so have to use the grass .

Bless hope you get sorted out and no its not just you if you want to talk about anything at all please inbox me for a chat as i have so so so many things going on never go out,except house to car , car to house as my jobs are checking and seeing customers and making sure all girls are organised which i am finding planning and organising getting hard i just throw things down and cry grrrrr omg!! lol

caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx huggles xxxxxx


This is what Amitriptyline can do to you, I would most likley blame them before blaming the Pregablin hun.

Brain and central nervous system: dizziness, tiredness or

sleepiness, weakness, headache, difficulty concentrating, confusion,

difficulty sleeping, nightmares, slight hyperactivity, exaggerated

behaviour, delusions, seeing things that are not there, anxiety,

excitement, disorientation (not knowing where you are), restlessness,

pins and needles, lack of co-ordination, shaky movements, tremor,

fits. Anticholinergic effects (dry mouth, fever, constipation, blurred or

double vision, difficulty passing water (urine), dilation of the pupil of

the eye, glaucoma and blockage of the small intestine)


I was only on 10mg a day of amitriptaline stuck it for 4 weeks I was like hyper excited for a week then turned into a zombie, my GP suggested going up to 20mg a day I politely told him thanks but no thanks... I just think it was a ploy by him to get me sleeping so much I wouldn't bother him .. So back to no day meds except paracetamol



Hi Sharne

I've been taking Pregabalin since summer 2010 though fortunately have not had to increase my dose that high just yet - so far just on 300-400mg a day but take other meds for sleeping and migraines! I frequently think that I see things out of the corner of my eyes, could be a figure in the doorway or corner, then things dashing across the floor as if spiders! I find it very un-nerving at times esp in alone but my Dad also takes Gabapentin (same family of meds) and he says he experiences the same, so I think tis part and parcel.



Hi Sharne,

I get this though was not sure which drug did it, the pregabalin, the tramadol or the citalopram. Think you may have just answered this for me so many thanks, at least i'm not imagining things.

Jo xxx


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