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Hi all does anyone get a lot of all over muscle pains if they drink any alcohol the previous night 😏

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I find when i have alcohol it relieves a lot of my pain. Wrong i know but now and then its a help.

Yes same with me. Relaxes you

Same with me Josephine13halffull I often have a night cap of Brandy before going to bed.

True for me too, i find alcohol relaxes and helps me sleep better. I don’t drink regularly only when meds don’t seem to work and i am desperate to get a good night sleep. A glass of wine for me usually does it

I don't drink any alcohol usually, but the last time I did, I drank quite a bit, because it was my work Xmas night out, and I did suffer more the next day with muscle aches etc.

However it was also very interesting to note that when I was drunk (not falling over drunk, but singing/dancing drunk), I found I actually had ZERO pain or stiffness.

My husband came to collect me, and he said it was the first time he'd seen me walk 'normally' in over 4 years !

I haven't felt up to attending any nights out since then, due to pain/stiffness/exhaustion etc, but I HAVE idly 'wondered' whether I'd actually be better off taking up drinking !


First post I have ever written.....alcohol does not generally bode well with me.....till I tried Bianco...Chinzano, Martini or Tesco's own (Sorry putting brand names don't know if this is allowed)...mixed with does not adversely affect my fibro, nor my IBS and arthritis....consequently...I am now not tea total at the occasional family, if you fancy a tipple may be worth trying..Hope you all stay safe, positive and be happy xxHave a good day x

Yes, I find even if I have a small glass of wine I pay for it the following day big time, so avoid alcohol.

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quite a lot of variables in play and quite a few of the meds we use can react with alcohol.

I can't touch any Alcohol if have any pretty quickly get a shock thing like got cold/Chilled feel rough then wake up in night shivering and feel rough for days with stomach adding to it!

No alcohol for me, goes straight to my muscles 😳

Thank you all for your comments😘

I am a bit of both - sometimes the fun and joy of relaxing with booze is the stress relief that I need and like some people have no pain and sleep well. Other times it feels like I have poisoned myself and been irresponsible to drink. It is a very strange illness and there seems to be no rhyme or reason at times. I believe that stress is my biggest trigger.

yes, as it is inflammatory like sugar.

Hi Aspect2810. Yes I had this pain when used to drink alcohol. The pain will be all night till the next day or so. When i drink it goes straight to my muscles.This is the reason I stopped alcohol from April this year.

It will help to monitor your diet and drinks to see the triggers.

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