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alcohol is an absolute nono from now on

After my big flare in november lasting until 2 weeks ago, i went to my friends 40th birthday last night.

Was having a brill night until i drunk to fast, far too much and eneded up makeing a right show of myself.

Argued with one of closests and best friends in the world and eneded up shouting and crying for the rest of the night.

I am absolutley devastated today, and even though me and my friend made up today i am still gutted.

I hate this illness, i obviously cannot drink again.

Has anybody else lost their ability to tolerate drink?

kel xxx

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I dont drink at all anymore , maybe 1 glass at a wedding for the toast but thats it. I found I started to feel sick very quickly , after only 3-4 drinks. What with the meds as well I thought it easier to just stop. the up side of that is though I can feel quite merry on a glass of wine so Im a cheap date, lol.

So glad you made up with your friend, I think most of us have prob done similar in the past I know I have.


Hi if so much as sniffed a drink i would fall flat on my face or if i drank it would prob kill me with all the meds and alcohol not a good mix, but to be honest i dnt drink much any way i used to years ago so i dont miss it i jus miss dancing i used to love dancing i still do sometimes depends what sort of day its been but to be fair i only go out with family to new year do and to fanily get togethers i am not one for night clubs and pubs etc, i am only 46 but done all that since i was 14 through to about 40 so not bothered but it is a shame it affected you like that . at least you and your friend made up you take care and stick to water tonight love and soft hugs Diddle xxx


Thankyou for your replies.

I cant even say that giving up drink will stop the hangovers, as i have the hangover feeling every morning lol. oh the joys.

kel xxx


Oh Jazher, been there done that x . I noticed i was becoming intolerant to booze about a year ago and the nxt day i just could not function if i had been out drinking, the hangover from HELL (like you, my mornings are not normally great anyway).

I did try and struggled on a couple of times lol, but last November the hangover lasted 4 days ( now i know was likely a flare up ) As i was not told i had fibro till early Dec 2011. So from then on i thought, i cant do this anymore, plus all meds. But I had a cheeky few boxing night (no meds), oh boy, did i pay for it, i might be tempted to the odd few occasionally.

But for now i am sticking to the strong stuff (j20),, when i muster up the energy to go out at all that is. I think there are many aspects of this illness to adjust to and when i am sitting on my sofa in my cosy pjs on a sat night, when i know my friends are getting ready to party the night away i think " oh i wish". (as well of cant drink, buy 6 most night i cant move)

But i say if they are true friends they will understand & support you, i would them ( they do for me, :) and your mate obviously is, so do not be to hard on your self. take care Lou x


Hi lou,

Istay in quite often as by night i am in agony too. I cant even be botherd to go for a cuppa at a friends at night, so sometimes i have to go out just to see them. She is a true friend and she is totally fine today, i am just left cringing at the thought of me shouting at her.

This illness has took alot from me but its not taking my friends, so i need to get that part sorted.

I see your quite new to this horrible fibro, how have you been coping, i was actually quite glad of dx as that showed i wasnt going mad.

It actually took me 3 attempts to put my make up on properly (mascara in my eye lol ) my hands are usless but that should of told me it was a bad idea lol.

kel xxx


i cant drink either but still have the ocasional one ,im new to all this and took me a while to realise that it was the alcohol causing really bad flare ups, im glad you made up with your friend ,and its true if they are true friends they will always understand ,ive found that out recently and discovered that my friend wasnt oh well lol xx


Thankyou lynz,

Thats sad that you have found your friend really wasnt one.

I have found out who my best friends are with this illness, they are the ones that really care and dont ihgnore the fact i just cant do as much as i used to.

I will stick to having a few in the house on a sat with my other half as i can go to bed if i know i am having too much and not make a show of myself again lol.

kel xxx


Yep! my tolerance for alcohol is about zero, but now and again I think Oh It will be ok!!!!!!! Just the other day I had four small glasses of rose wine and I was trashed and OTT. I have looked at stopping alcohol before, but I've now decided for definite its just not worth the hassle of the several days to recover and all the painful systems to boot. lol susanY


Hi Susan,

It only takes me a few vodkas to get sloshed now, cheap date tho ehh lol.

I wake up with hangovers every day anyway, so i dont find the hangover bit much of a shock. Its the lack of sleep that does me in more.

Its obviously anotherthing i will have to pace myself with lol.

kel xxx


Hi Kel,

Yep quite new, i was also glad to have dx in Dec 2011. I also had that am i going mad feeling. I kind of ignored it all at first and didn't really discuss it at all.

But then thought for others to understand (hubby, family, friends and colleagues) i need to be honest, let them into my fibro world.

Like your make up (bless ya), it's the little things that are frustrating. I have naturally curly hair and use to straighten it all the time, but it takes ages and after my arms hand and shoulder are in so much pain. so most of time i am a curly head, Lol

I think its a struggle sometimes to except our life style will change and cant do as much. I also have had a spell in hospital recently (adomin pain and deranged bloods, they said) i have also had Facial shingles 3 x since xmas, they are investigating both with a number of blood tests. so been really hard. I am going back to work tmrw after 2 weeks off. Which i am looking forward to but i know i have to pace my self. I also think sometimes its hard on partners (which i am always aware of), we are in most time now. I just don't have the energy for the things we use to do. Even shopping and i love shopping lol. It has been hard for him too. Hes a great support, so sometimes like today i just say to him go out with ur mates & watch the football, hes reluctant but why shouldn't he. Sometimes it feels our life revolves around my health, meds, Drs appointments, lack of money (only of SSP when off sick). Just want a bit of normality. Hopefully it will all settle down soon, and I will be able to manage it all better. So good to chat, have a good week Lou x


Hi there Lou-c,

Shopping is an absolute nono for me now too, Its so hard when i have to admit all this.

It is so good to talk though, This site is so good.

You havent half been been through it lately, bless you.

I have been dx with fibro for three years, But thought i actually had MS but my mri came back clear and i asked to see a immunologist and he dx me last week with Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, and Hypermobility Syndrome.

So its been a hard week for me taking it all in, (maybe thats why i went mental with drink eh, think i will blame that lol ).

My partner is good but he doesnt understand fully as i just try and get on with it, i have too with having 3 girls.

Also it hurts to do my hair even brush it sometimes my arms hurt so much even doing my kids hair too.

Hope your first back at work is ok.

We will chat soon hopefully thanx kel xxx


my theory on why alcohol and FM dont mix is quite simple [so probably wrong].most of my FM is inside. my galbladder is goosed my lungs have now got asthma [which i never had in my life] i have chest pains but my heart is fine ]the tread mill test nearly killed me though and put me in bed for a week] and we wont go into what it does to our bowels so why would our liver not be affected too.? we stuff ourselves full of meds we need and our liver gets on with spreading them arround to the bits we need them in and then we get it p******d. and it really really cant believe what you did. so it goes on holiday and lets us try and manage without it for a few days. meds dont get where they should, fluids dont either as the kidneys are in league with the liver and we are generally stuffed till the liver forgives us and starts to play nice again....... just a thought. :-) sense of humour is the only thing FM hasnt taken from me yet. my husband left two years ago. my kids are digging tunnels as we speak.


Haha I really like this explanation Pottyness.

It really hasnt taken your sense of humour.

Sorry to hear your husband left you. I need to pay more attention to mine as i he gets the brunt of most of my pain as i smile when go out the door and rage when i get back in. I dont want people to see me in anyway down, But i need to stop it with him.

Thankyou kel xxx


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