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I applied for pip 3 months ago using my fibromyalgia I am very Ill and totally uncontrolled. I am in constant pain too. I had a text message saying they had received my application but haven't heard a thing since. Is this normal? Not having any response at all? Is there anything I can do? Please help x

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Hi ,there is nothing you can do really ,Good they acknowledge they have your forms ,

Some people waited upto a year ,more upto 5 to 7 months ,

Personally with experience of the dwp i would not phone them and wait

They can cause so much stress and grief on the phone ,

Maybe phone them once after another 4 weeks ,

It is personal choice,

You can phone them as many times as you want though

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debwhit in reply to Ajay575

Oh thanks for replying I tried to phone and was on hold for 45 mins do put it down as I was getting very stressed and anxious best just wait for them then

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Hi there, I see you recently just joined our lovely group. Let me wish you a very friendly welcome 😊

I am not up on benifits side of things. But I'm guessing due to the pandemic there could be long delays.

I see our lovely Ajay575 as given you some helpful advice already :) maybe give them a few more weeks then try phoning to see what stage they are at with your claim xx


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debwhit in reply to Dizzytwo

Thank you for your friendly welcome I'm loving having people to talk to who actually know how I feel. Yes i will try them again in a few weeks 😃

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to debwhit

Hi deb, your very welcome. Please don't be a stranger xx

Hi, I applied in mid March and heard last week that my phone assessment is on Friday, which will be 13 weeks since they received my application. I did call them after a month and they advised the date it was passed from DWP to Capita for assessment, which was four days after DWP received it. Good luck!

Oh that's brilliant thank you ☺️

They take a very long time processing applications and worse due to the lockdown but you will get any entertainment money backdated I was awarded just over 3 thousand pounds hope this is of some use

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debwhit in reply to Jasharper

Oh wow congratulations I think you obviously did very well with your claim 🙂

Hi , I applied for pip due to struggling with fibromyalgia. It took about 6 months until the assessment and then a further 8 weeks for the outcome. Don’t be surprised if you don’t score many points. I didn’t score any but appealed this as what was discussed at said at the assessment didn’t match what I had told the lady in their report. All I did was correct this and my claim was successful. I think it took 10 months in total for the final decision but this was last year during the lockdown.

Hi...I applied last March and had my phone assessment in August and didn't get it. I have reapplied as been signed off from work since end of January this year and I am also in constant pain. I have had 5 sessions of acupuncture which had no effect so am now waiting for appointment for the chronic pain clinic. I sent my forms off on 4th June and haven't heard if they have received them,can I ask how long you waited after you sent the form off for them to tx to say they had it as I am getting worried as work will not be paying me full pay for ever.

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debwhit in reply to deb26bie

It was around 7 weeks I phone because I got a letter to say they had extended my date for submission and I'd already sent it. They said they had not received my form and to try again the following week. I then got a text the following day saying they had received my claim form hope this helps you 🙂

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deb26bie in reply to debwhit

Yes it does thank you....take care 🙂

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Sturdy in reply to deb26bie

It sounds like you could also apply for ESA. you can apply for this if you are employed but have been sick along time, or are unable to work due to sickness

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debwhit in reply to Sturdy

Thank you I have applied for ESA and they are actually dealing with my case now I can't work due to my pain and have been signed off by my GP so hopefully something will come soon as living without any income makes everything worse due to the stress

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deb26bie in reply to Sturdy

I didn't know that....thank you...how do I go about applying for it.

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debwhit in reply to deb26bie

You just go on the gov.uk site and it all on there it's contribution based and the people live with you are not taken into consideration

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deb26bie in reply to debwhit

Thank you 😊

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debwhit in reply to deb26bie

Really hope you get sorted out its horrible when your income changes xx good luck to you xx

Hi, it doesn’t matter that they keep you waiting but they pay you all from that day you applied for PIP. They just take times invade you feel better and ready to work. Please trust yourself they will sort it out all the money they owed you.

Hi debwhitI have been waiting 5 months to hear after applying. I called dwp they gave me the Assessment team number to call.

When I called them they advised they couldn’t tell me when I would hear. Not helpful.

So I’m in the same position as you.

I am also waiting to see if I can be medically retired, the stress doesn’t help our condition.

Is your GP any good?

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debwhit in reply to Puckaroo

Oh dear that's really bad for you hope you manage to sort something as the stress just makes our pain so much worse doesn't it. Fingers crossed for you too 🙂

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Lisa45 in reply to Puckaroo

I'm the same, sent my forms back in March and didn't hear anything. Called the assessment line and got told the same as you. It's really annoying.

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Puckaroo in reply to Lisa45

Let’s hope we all hear soon 😤🙄

Hi I would give them a ring and tell them exactly what you have said here in your post. 3 months is a long time to have not heard anything. Good luck x

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debwhit in reply to Mistyang

Thank you I will

HiYeah it can take up to 10 weeks from the date they replayed to u. But due to the pandemic the applications are backlogged by 4 weeks.

Hi Deb

I applied 24 July 2019 , I have an appeal in 2 weeks I was denied any pip and am fighting I too have fibromyalgia but other more serious conditions, the covid19 pandemic has been a curse on any benefits so be aware it takes time

The best bit of good advice I can give you though is get medical back up and if you have counsellor/therapist get them to do an additional evidence statement and if you struggling with paperwork there are some disability charities that can set you on the right path …

Good luck be strong and stay safe


Give them a ring to find out what is happening with your claim you will need your national insurance number the phone is 0800 121 4433 that the pip Enquirys number

It's maybe simply because I'm in Scotland, but I applied (for the 1st time for myself) earlier this year (March), had my telephone assessment around 4-6 weeks later, and had my decision and first payment about 4 weeks afterwards.

I also had to complete the 'reassessment' application for my daughter, which I completed after sending in my own (I couldn't have managed to do both at once, what a trial it is to do 1 !), and her decision came 3 weeks after I'd sent it in ( but she has been on it since she was 2 yrs old, and she's 20 now)

I wouldn't worry too much though, because any award you get will be backdated from when you applied, so you won't lose out money wise, even if they are ''taking their own sweet time'' with it .


If you're concerned, give them a phone again, you never know, they may even answer the phone this time


Wonder of wonders text message this morning and pip assessment phone call 1st July 👏👏👏

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Shazza1968 in reply to debwhit

Deb Worst day scenario for your issues don’t forget that as no one seems to care if you do happen to have ‘better’ days

Good luck with your assessment tomorrow xx

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debwhit in reply to Shazza1968

Thank you so much I am very apprehensive about it all xxx

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Shazza1968 in reply to debwhit

Don’t be nervous, be accurate xx

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debwhit in reply to Shazza1968

Yes I will. Sorry I had a fall getting out of the bath tonight one of my issues. 🥺

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Ajay575 in reply to debwhit

Be clear about this to assessors and strong ,put this at front to tell them ,it is 3 points the bath and you need assistance, If you have council house easier if not ,you can contact council for a walk in shower or new houseing if suitible ,and even try get a visit for aids etc ,their reports are also dynamite evidence for all future pip reiviews and applications, even just to get aids etc and a report

It can take up to eight weeks, hang on in there.

Hiya pip application can take up to 6 months. They just send you a text just to let you know that they have received it. I applied last Sept 2019 and had to wait till May 2020 for an assessment. Luckily it was a phone interview/assessment. I finally found out in July that I had got it. They back date it from when you 1st phone up. Its a bit of a waiting game I'm sorry to say

Hi there. I phoned for my application form on 31/12/21. They received my completed form on 12/01/21 and I have just had my telephone assessment by the independent assessors earlier today. Things understandably are taking a lot longer at the moment so don’t worry too much. Good luck x

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