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Pain clinic ,is this who actually diagnose fibro

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I have been going to my dr's now for 13yrs with the same problem,back ache,leg and hip ache,stiff neck that lasts for month's ,numbness at the tips of my finger's ,basically pain everywhere,i have had numerous blood test x rays and nothing comes back,now my dr's are sending me to a pain clinic,will they be able to diagnose my problem,been on dihydrocodeine now 13yrs my body is immune to then,tried other prescription tablet's and nothing help's .

3 Replies
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Hi there Star and welcome to our group. The pain clinic helps you to deal with your pain. Pain is pain so whats causing it I would say is irrelevant to pain clinic imo. And no they dont diagnose anything but I could be wrong.

Your GP may have already decided you have fibro and thats why he/she is sending you to the pain clinic. Have you asked your GP if they think you may have fibro?

I see you've left your post unlocked to this community only for privacy reasons you may want to lock it. Also locked posts tend to get more replies 😊 the link below will show you how to lock your post if you wish to.

take care and have a good day xx

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people get diagnosed by different health professionals - that could be your GP or a consultant such as rheumatologist, neurologist, pain consultant etc. Pain clinics do not only offer pain medication, they may offer other treatments and also many offer educational pain management programmes which teach you how to manage and live your life with chronic pain. xxx

Hi Star1dog, My GP refused to give me a diagnosis of fibromyagia (I already had diagnoses of osteoarthritis & chronic fatigue syndrome) because it "could limit options for future treatment."

I had to ask for referral to the Pain Management Service. I live 120 miles away from clinic so, when I finally got the referral, I requested phone consultations.

They diagnosed me at the first session when I explained symptoms & informed my GP.

They helped me understand how to pace myself & recognise what can cause/how to avoid flares.

Good luck with pain clinic - they are so much more knowledgeable & understanding than most GPs.

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