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Just diagnosed with Fibro


Just been diagnosed with Fybro feeling really down not to mention exhausted. Wondered if anyone could let me know of anything they have found has helped them with their symptoms? At moment feel like I'm going round in circles. Start doing Yoga (which was something I did on a regular basis upto a year ago) thought it helped a few days later crashed big time could not make it to work, had no energy and lots of aches and pains in all my joints. Really new to posting to?

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Hi Pam61

Epsom salt baths are good for them horrible achy days! Equal rest to moving is something I do daily so I do little and often through my day and come evening it's chill time! Loads of pillows and hot water bottle. Personally I think amitriptyline is fab but of course were all different when it comes to medication.

This site will help you so much! The support is amazing and of course we understand where we are all coming from.

The fatigue has kicked my head in this week as well.

You are not alone, all my love Keeley x

Pam61 in reply to Keeleybee

Thank you Keeley so good to know I am not the only one will try your suggestions, I must say pacing is quite difficult but will try. Hope your day gets better. Love. Pam xx

Keeleybee in reply to Pam61

It has now I'm sitting on my butt :-) to be honest come this time my body starts screaming at me and hurts so I have no choice. X

All that keeley said plus pacing, record what you do, reduce stress, eat well. Relax be kind to yourself.

Pam61 in reply to Betty67

Thank you just looking up healthier eating want to do what I can to improve things. Enjoy a relaxing evening xx

steroids help to ease the aching,no-one likes taking pills but use them to your benefit. you also need to pace your self. the general rule is 20 mins of exercise the 10 mins rest. this might sound impossible, particularly if you work. if you have just been diagnosed, speak to either your gp or ask for a referral to a physiotherapist. they will give you more advice. Fibromyalgia effects most of the body's systems, so expect other symptoms listed in the nhs advice page. take each day as it comes and dont expect too much of yourself. Accept fibromyalgia and deal with one thing at a time.

i do hope this helps.


Hello pam61 pain killers and anti depressiont help for me I'm on anti depressiont I'm on is olanzapine and take paracetamol and naproxen for the pain they work well for me but what u will find on here pan is that everyone is so helpful and as for what u take what works for one doesn't nessucay work for another but give that time and it also seems like people with fibro also have other prob wrong with them for me it's mental health issues i hope I've been some help for u matthew

Hello jules12 just read the advice u gave pam61 and I need to do the same cos I'm trying to do everyone that once cos I want to do everything possible to releave my symptoms but as people say I'm trying to run before I can walk

Regnofibro1 in reply to Manu2015

Baby steps!!!!

It's a matter of finding what works for your body. Many of us are on meds. We do therapy. Some have a tens unit or a ems unit. We do stretches. Rest is very important. Learning what you can do when you can. Learning not to overdo when having good days is very important! Listening to your own body is the hard part! Because you have a tendency to think oh I can do this or that. Then Fibro has its say and you realize oops maybe that was mistake. For me I think is this worth the price I am going to pay for later! Because with Fibro there is always a price! Make sure you have a good diet! Keep your insides working like they should be. Find a doctor that is willing to work with you and has somewhat of a understanding of what you are going through! I hope you can understand all of this. Personally I have been very "foggy " for awhile now. Hope some of this helps. Oh yes most important try to stay positive because Fibro loves negative and will come out to play. That's when you crash we all do that every now and then. You just have to buckle down and bring yourself back up! Because there is nothing anyone but yourself that can do that! Being positive finding something that makes you smile everyday will help wage war on Fibro! Feel free to ask anyone here about anything! This is a great site! We all try to help keep each other going and fighting this!

Hello regnofibro1 thanks for your kind words and advice I know when I need to stop or slow down but like a lot of others I think I'm having a gd day but afterwards I know I should of just not done it as for my doc he's very gd he was the one who told me I had fibro and he's been very gd but lately since my fibro got wrose I've let it takeover my life I was fairly ok for least a few years bit I was taken off my tablets cos I through I was ok and fibro was gone big mistake after 4 weeks of pain my doc put me down on the tablets don't know how to best go about things nw

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun!

I am sincerely sorry to read that you have been struggling and in so much pain and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck. I personally use different medication and I have a TENS Machine. I also do daily physiotherapy at home which is just gentle moving exercises for my joints and muscles.

It may be beneficial discussing referrals to a Pain Management Clinic and Rheumatology with your GP / Medical Specialist?

All my hopes and dreams for you


If you have a good understanding GP, and within time you will find which medication works for you for the pain and depression if you suffer with it because many of us are taking meds for that as well as pain relief.

I've been suffering with FMS for approximately 5-6 yrs. I took a while to diagnose me as I also suffer from other illnesses.

I've had about 6 sessions now of acupuncture and I have just started to feel the benefits!

Take care!

Lottie x

Hi, Lottie ... I am interested in the Acupuncture you are getting. Is it for a specific area of your pain? Or for more generalized, all over, FM areas?

I have numerous degenerated spinal discs, and have wondered if it would help ... My pain moves around, up and down my spine, and of course, the FM involves other "issues," too.

Hi there,

The lady who is very qualified in giving me this treatment always starts off with a 20 minute chat about my week, asking questions about my pain, where it was/is and if headaches where bouts they were and for how long etc. Fibromyalgia pain is all over for me, all 18 points are affected, so she puts the needles wherever the worst pain has been.

Usually the spinal area, hips, under my knees, head, wrists all over.

Doesn't hurt probably because I'm so grateful that she understands fibromyalgia and cares enough to try and help me!

Go for it, what do you have to lose?

Gentle hugs and I hope you find someone that can help you

Best wishes

Lottie x

Hello all just after some advice what is your take on horlicks light chocolate I just started having some last night I was in abit of pain when I wake up this morning

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