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Pain medication

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I'm taking Duloxetine 120mg as struggling with depression.

Was on Ibuprofen for pain but didn't think it worked until I started Naproxen. It's now like I may as well be taking nothing. The pain is worse, everywhere plus I am so exhausted I struggle to move. I eventually get out of bed when I need to pee, then move to a different room where I sleep again.

What do others take? Doctor doesn't want to go down the opioid route.

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I am taking naproxen 250mg 4 times a day or I can take them 500mg twice daily I find taking them 4 times daily works best for me but I don't believe there is any miracle pill Definitely do not go to opiods I started with codeine just once a day and the twice up to max and then they really stop working and are he'll to come off I've managed to stay off them 6 months now but it really mess,s your system up

Good luck

I take Gabapentin and Tramadol. I have rheumatoid arthritis as well, so the Tramadol is partly for that. But I personally find it invaluable during very bad periods. I taper off it during good times.

There are other antidepressants you could chat with your doctor about - like amitriptylene. You could also ask about Gabapentin or pregabalin.

Could also be worth asking for a referral to the Pain Management Clinic and a physio xx

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MamaBear24 in reply to LoneEra

Thanks, I've tried amitrityline but whenever I take it I don't get on, it makes me super anxious and feel like my hearts racing.Sounds like pain and aches are something we have to learn to live with

I was on Duluxotine for nerve pain from fibro. Found it did not help me so stopped. Warning stopping is horrendous please have a proper taper off plan with Dr. I went down opioid route at same time on MST and Tramadol but effectiveness wore off. Now on Buprenorphine patch 325mg instead and it’s giving a gentler but constant relief. Early days as only swapped over two months ago. I think this may have mainly sorted the pain issue but still have low moods. But I guess who doesn’t with a chronic illness or two!

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