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Thighs burning and contracting😖


Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone else experieces these weird muscle contractions. Just after few steps or standing for a minute my Thighs feel so overused that I feel twitching and contractions along with the firey pains!!

Is this symptom of fibro aswell🙄

Thanks guys

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This sounds like restless leg syndrome and I managed to conquer it. It came down to being very low on Vitamin D, some trace minerals and just sitting still too long. Standing still then produced pain. When sitting my legs would become restless and I could only stop them by tensing the muscles very hard. When I got Vitamin D and the trace minerals back-up it went away.

Trace minerals are generally poisonous but we need them to make hormones work. If you have problem with your kidneys then you lose the tiny amounts of the micro poisons you need like Copper, Zinc Magnesium and Selenium. I found that where I live that there is zero Selenium in the water supply so no wonder that was low! Low Selenium shortage gives you dandruff and can lead to skin problems.

Alizah in reply to Canbedone

Hi canbedone, thanks for the advise but all my bloods have come back satisfactory theres no defiencies. I've had a Mri scan of head and that was OK too. So baffled why my thigh muscles contract, burn and r very tender to touch. I want to become more mobile but fatigue and these darn thighs just keep holding me back. Hate feeling unwell all the time 😒

emveja in reply to Alizah

Hello, You have Fibromyalgia, which causes electric type impulses in the legs, it does eventually lead to pain. Strange feelings in your legs is a definite sign, keep an eye on your health & other signs or changes in your body. Emveja

I had this for months at the beginning of my full flare. No doc or PT could explain or really help. I had been using a stand table for quite a few years, which was far better for my back, but couldn't any more. It was at night and at daytime. So I lay down a lot. Sometime I realized that my hard mattress may be good for my kyphosis, but not for the rest of my body. So a thin soft cotton topper helped get the pains down a bit (plus a hard spelt cushion for under my kyphosis). That got the thigh pain down a lot. Also lying on my back more at night (and alleviate the other problems that then come up...). Sometimes it comes up again a bit, but the exercising / yoga I do plus acupressure I get done probably helps. I was always cycling so it wasn't that that made it worse or better...

I haven't got RLS, I'd been taking Vitamin D for about 5 years (since the first pre-fibro-problems, the Ache started.) All my vitamins (except B12) & minerals were completely OK. A vit+min routine (in high doses) designed to help with things like fibro did not help.

Electric type impulses in the legs is the first I've heard - there are a lot of hypotheses out there, but all are awaiting proper studies, which will always be hard, because we are so different. More important I think is to look for things putting too much exertion on the legs / thighs and doing gentle exercises.

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