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I have just received my PIP Award today I was awarded the standard daily living amount but no mobility but it’s a start so feeling grateful 🥰

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Pleased for you x

Panda1968 in reply to Painny

Thank you Painny x

Hi, really pleased for you. I am waiting on a decision, may I ask when you had your assessment please x

Thank you I had my telephone assessment on the 15th July with a HP she then had to call me exactly a weeks later to ask mire questions and I received my decision today but I originally made my application on the 6th February this year, will keep my fingers crossed for you I can’t do that physically but I will do it mentally lol xx

Bless you.... thank you for your reply. I also applied in Feb and had my assessment on 14th July. So hopefully I will hear soon, had text from dwp two weeks ago saying they had my report . So now just waiting..... have they given you a payment date? X

I think you will hear any day now as that’s exactly what happened to me my payment date was the 13th August and the money is in my account already my award will be reviewed in July 2021 and it was backdated to when I first applied in February xx

Thank you again for your reply, great news for you, I will keep an eye on my bank account and post xx

Let me know how you get on 😊 xx

Will do x

I cannot stress this enough, once you have had your PIP assessment wait a week then phone DWP and request a copy of your assessment report and on receiving it you can work what your award may should be but you still have to wait for the official award letter notification.

Thats good, and your on the system now 👍

Panda1968 in reply to Ajay575

Thank you Ajay575 😊


That's good to hear Panda, I am pleased you deserve it 👍😊


Awh thank you DizzyTwo 😊

Hi Oand

I recieved mine aswell , same as you and also very grateful x

Oh that’s such good news Topcat we are at least now in the system 😊 x

Topcat64 in reply to Panda1968

Hi panda, just found out that DWP have 30 days to contest the tribunals decision? As if we havnt been through enough!!!!

Panda1968 in reply to Topcat64

Oh no Topcat I did not know that they could do that I am learning so much I really really hope they don’t contest it 😡

Topcat64 in reply to Panda1968

I know but apparently it's rare and I cant see how they can go against a judge!!!!

Panda1968 in reply to Topcat64

Well I did not think they could go against it once they have issued you with the award I have reread my award and it says nothing in mine 😡

Topcat64 in reply to Panda1968

I'rang pip this morning and asked how long it will take, they said it has to be decided if they contest or not! Takes around 5 weeks

Its something I wasn't aware of. I dont think they like paying alot of back pay? 😡

Panda1968 in reply to Topcat64

Ah I see so I guess if there is a lot of back pay then they question it I know a friend of mine who has heart problems did get a lot of back pay but it took her 9 months of fighting and a heart bypass before they gave her it it’s so unfair and not to mention stressful

Topcat64 in reply to Panda1968

Yes be interesting to see if anyone else has had this experience?

I'm the same it was over the phone and what she put in the letter was not what I said.im in agony and can hardly walk and not without aid.also not over 20 metre.but I'm so fed up with it all and the pain and pain specialist want me to just take CBD oil and other tablets only twice a week I am in more pain.he wants me to go to seminars which don't exist at moment cos if covid and for me non medical help...so what is this non medical help as he has not said...am allowed amytrypline 30mg a night apart from that anti inflammatorys and co dydramol twice a week if pain bad...well yes after having nothing except paracetamol and CBD oil for 5 days I am in constant pain all over now and can do less and going to bed...I just give up

Panda1968 in reply to Smoggie1

Oh Smoggie that’s terrible I guess it’s like Russian roulette as to what kind of HP you get that’s terrible regarding your medication daily I take 50mg of Pregabalin twice a day 8 cocodamol and 50 mg at night of amitriptyline Plus citalopram no wonder you are in such pain that’s terrible I still have terrible pain with the tablets I take so you must be at your wits end. X

Smoggie1 in reply to Panda1968

Yes I have phone call with rheumatologist in September but I'm not holding out much hope as pain specialist won't be interested in my fibromyalgia or arthritis as it osteoarthritis and not rheumatoid arthritis...I try not to think about it cos if I do I cry and I don't want stronger antidepressants..I'm just having to rest more but I had to take all today as pain chronic in knees and elbows and I just keep getting terrible sweats..as soon as I think about something or start to do something I am just dripping..carnt control it.c

Panda1968 in reply to Smoggie1

Smoggie I really do feel for you 😥

justmai in reply to Smoggie1

Rather than rely on pain clinic talk to your gP re medication

Smoggie1 in reply to justmai

I had 6 GPS last 5yrs we short of docs do you get no choice.i get whoever is on that day now and it's like getting into fort Knox they don't want to see you or touch you..saw fox 3 weeks ago he said knee worn away on outside and arthritis so that's why got pain.he said he doesn't know how to help me with all my problems so sent me to pain clinic..my doc who was good retired about 8yrs ago since them I have medicated myself and just plodded on.i was lucky I got married 8yrs ago so my husband said don't worry I will support you...was never told about pip or being able to get help that is why I only applied in December..but yes they did backdate it so I have paid for my yearly health prescription and CBD oils from Holland and Barrett and paid my bills so I cannot complain.x

They’ll backdate it to the start of your claim as well so you’ll get a chunk paid straight to you. I was granted mine in January this year and they backdated it to august which was when I put the claim in after I was diagnosed. They gave me standard mobility as well as I’d been struggling with pain for three years before being diagnosed but the doctors just kept giving me painkillers and MRIs which showed nothing. Have you got a blue badge for in the car? If you have you can ask them to review your claim for mobility purposes

Hi DarkEnergy I unfortunately did not receive any mobility just the standard living they said because I can walk 200 metres with a stick which to be honest some days I just about manage to get down the stairs I am not eligible for the mobility part 🤨

When I got my first automatic car, the salesman said "If you go down the route of claiming PIP, make sure you go on a "bad day".

justmai in reply to Panda1968

Going to say the same thing you need to do pup ibased on you worse days and not normal days

Smoggie1 in reply to justmai

Yes totally agree go when at worst.cos my friend showered and put makeup on and look smart she lost lots of points...but who wants to go out looking desheveled and grubby.thry watched how she could reach in handbag and things you wouldn't think of.alsi she got her daughter to drop her outside door and not walk from carpark cos they say well you just walked all that way...no mobility...very stressful for her as she has cancer.x

justmai in reply to Smoggie1

I dont attend cant get to appointments so they come out to me for home visit. I always have my partner there as well.

That sucks. They came out to me and did my assessment at home. You can ask for a reassessment if you feel like you’ve got worse and ask them to come out to you. If you have a blue badge have it handy and tell them you have one x

My review to continue it, was supposed to have been in February 2020, I completed the form and sent it back, received no update on anything until last week when i received a letter telling me that my assessment had been put back until at least February 2021

At least you don’t have the stress of this again until 2021 Catherine ☺️

Thats good, every little helps 😊

Oh yes it does ☺️

Great news Panda xx

Panda1968 in reply to Mistyang

Thank you 🙏 Mistyang x x

You will have to get your ,arithmitic out for rieview hope your good at arithmitic ,for the 50 metres standard rate, ,😊,majority of time ,day 1, 30 metres ,day 2 ,200 metres ,day 3 ,100 metres ,day 4 ,50 metres, day 5, 200 metres ,day 6, 40 metres ,day 7, 20 metres ,all this should get you standard next time 😊,just a bit humour for you,but is true 😊

Panda1968 in reply to Ajay575

Oh my goodness I need one of those thingy machines that they use to do measurements on the road 😂 why is it all so complicated Ajay 😡

Ajay575 in reply to Panda1968

Ha ha ,it is complicated this system ☹ ,but you do learn over time, glad your on system now though 👍

You can always appeal if not happy their decision Or if they haven’t included something you think they haven’t taken in to account

Well done Panda1986 - I had an assessment Tues for fybro and DWP message Thursday to say recieved report - fast work

SO happy for you, dear! That’s great news!

I'm sorry to ask. Whats a PIP Award?

It’s a Personal Independent Payment which is issued by the Department of Work & Pensions you can work and receive this benefit I had never heard of it until my friend suggested I apply for it in February 😊

Well done 👍 🎉

Thank you so much Lemony 🥰🙏

Well done Panda1968...

I was awarded PIP a few years ago when I was Married and could Drive myself to my assessment in Peterborough.

From memory (not good at the moment so apologies) my PIP award runs until April 2021. I am now Divorced, Living alone, all my family is in Yorkshire (some 150+ miles away) and I no longer Drive nor have a Car.

Now I have 2 questions, if I may?

Q1. Does anybody know at what stage the Benefits will get in touch with me to start the whole process again?

Q2. I suffer from great anxiety brought on by my Fibromyalgia, does anybody know what options I might have at assessment stage? (Telephone / Benefits-paid-transport / Private Taxi)?

If these questions cannot be answered, no worries, it’s always worth asking my fellow Fibromytes.......

Take care everybody, watch your spoons, pace yourself, and if all else fails, keep your krona door locked..... Bye-4-Now - NeilWaud in Cambridgeshire, England.....

Hi Panda, just an update.... I phoned pip today to be told that they have declined me and a letter is in the post. I have requested a copy of my report, so it looks like I will have to fight for my rights xx

Oh no Skatergirl so even me keeping my everything crossed had no clout, I really do feel for you and yes fight for your rights here if you need a chat anytime day or night 🥰 xx

Oh bless you, that is such a kind offer. I await my report with interest to see what the hp had to say. Just got in touch with doctors to access my medical records and reports, so the battle will commence lol xx

Your more than welcome 🥰 I suggest they buckle their belts a very determined lady is coming for them lol xxxx

Haha, yes, I have the bit between my teeth now!! X

Literally sending you a high five 🙌 x x

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