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Is it normal for flucloxacillin to make symptoms much worse before getting better for a pilonidal cyst?

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8 days ago, I felt a slight burn on the top of my butt but assumed it was from back pain as I had been sitting a lot (corona and college combination). That night, I found myself incapable of sleeping and woke up the next morning with a red bump. A few searches on google told me it was a pilonidal cyst and that it required surgery. Unfortunately with the pandemic issue I was too scared to tell my GP I needed surgery as I was scared of contracting and transferring corona to my family and settled for home remedies such as warm compress 3 times a day. That didn’t help much as it kept growing bigger and I think it randomly slightly burst once (yellow spotting but not big) and started another one. My mum called the GP After 5 days and I was prescribed Flucloxacillin 4 times a day. The next morning after I started taking them, I noticed that the cyst had started growing even larger. My mum assumed it was just the antibiotics killing bacteria and bringing things to the surface so I went with it. Now it’s my 3rd day taking them and the cyst really spread out and is so damn painful there’s no position that can help relieve my pain. I can’t call the GP as it’s Sunday and there’s no way I can sit down waiting in emergency. I was wondering if this was a normal reaction to the medication and will it start getting better? I only have 7 days of taking them so I assumed they’d start working from day 1.

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Hi there, no one on here is medically qualified to answer your question I'm afraid. But it does not sound quite right IMO if I was you I would ring 111 and tell them what is going on. They will be able to advise you what needs to be done. Good luck and I do hope you feel better soon.


PS just a thought does your large swelling have many little blister like heads. I only ask because that's where I tend to get shingles. They can be very painful and last for day/weeks. They can spread and get bigger and fill up with fluid then scab over. Just a thought x

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Xydyah in reply to Dizzytwo

Thank you, I hope so too! And no it doesn’t unfortunately it’s just a big pure red spot that has at least 2 boils there.

Unfortunately they are one of the most painful things you can get on skin. They do usually need draining at hospital. Could try getting someone to release the pus, gross but it's usually the pressure that causes pain. Pus is the body cells fighting infection so bound to get bigger. Lying on front is usually most comfy position. If do drain at home ensure use something sterile.

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Thankfully it slightly burst today. I got my mum to help remove some of the blood (I had way way way too much in there but that was obvious from how big it grew) and removed some myself. Hopefully it’ll continue until it disappears completely and that the hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl wipes keep it disinfected. Worst week of my life!

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Julesubu in reply to Xydyah

Make sure you finish the antibiotics and hopefully will settle.

Sounds painful - poor you! I have no experience of these, but I have been into 2 hospitals since lockdown and it’s all been ok.

I’d definitely call 111 and see if they can get you in to see a “hub GP” at the local hospital. You could probably get it seen to pretty quickly.

Hope you get it sorted soon xx

Thank you!! Thankfully it slightly burst so the pain is kept minimum. I’ll be keeping the meds but if anything goes wrong I’ll be able to ring up GP and try my best to get surgery then.

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LoneEra in reply to Xydyah

Ouch...but a bit of relief too! Applying a hot compress might help to ease any more ‘material’ out - and also keep the area nice and clean xx

I had a Pilonidal Sinus many years ago, it is an in growing hair, that will not go away on its own. It will keep growing and bursting. Keep the area clean and dry, I had to shave around the area until I had my operation. This seemed to help. I was never given any medication, not sure that it will help

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