Yet more testing

Well as i am still having the same chest pains after taking the meds for integestion and heart burn for three months I am gussing the GP was wrong on that one.

Now having blood pressure tests twice a day for two weeks and peak flow tests the same. No energy but then having trouble catching my breath so not supprising.

Fainted a few times in last month but GP seems to be treating me as though I am over reacting to chest pains. Family history of heart attacks so don't personally think I am over reacting wanting them to investigate the cause.

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  • I have bad chest pains and I agree they can be frightening. I was treat for indigestion with Lansoprazole. I still get episodes of pain but they are spasmodic.I had an ECG but they said they didn't think it was my heart, but could be muscular. My mum had heart disease, so it does cross ones mind. I am 60 and have raised blood pressure ( not on treatment though) and my cholesterol is higher than it should be. I am hypothyroid as well as fibro. Before this my blood pressure was excellent and cholesterol 3.2.

  • I have been on the Lansoprazole for three months not done a thing for me and never have felt I had integestion. Not something I suffer from but doc say could be silent reflux. My cholesterol is high the say but mainly good cholesterol. I had a one min ecg when doc said I should have 48 hours one as it night times I wake with palpitations and severe pain although pains in day to. My bllod pressure in docs was high but the home machine is saying very low so goodness knows what is going on. Lots of diabetes and hypertension in the family but so far not for me. Phew as if we don't have enough problems with the fibro :-)

  • Fibro can cause horrendous chest pains it's called chostochondritis and it can be so severe you can actually think you are having a heart attack.. It's caused by the ligaments that attach your ribs to your sternum and backbone becoming inflamed. The more you breathe the more they hurt. It was the first symptom I developed with fibro.... I too have spent days in hospital wired up to heart monitor for 24 hours ecgs , and was so thankful to finally find out what it was.. Painkillers no bra and hot packs are my only relief here's hoping you find out what is wrong, and soon

    VG x

  • I have never heard of this and no Dr has mentioned it.i have had painful protruding ribs since sept 2011 and then pressure on ribs.iahvent worn a bra for years sicne I stared getting upper abdo pains around 1994.

  • Wow thanks I have never heard of that so will bear it in mind. This site is just so helpful.

  • I've suffered costochondritis as part of my autoimmune arthritis when I had to stop my weekly injections for an operation last year. I had it VERY severely and was actually hospitalized as I was in so much pain I'd only got 8 hrs sleep over a week and I was hallucinating. I ended up on a steroid infusion and morphine and daily physio which entailed, ultra sound treatment, heat treatment and very painful bounce massage. I would get your GP to consider this it's one evil condition and it also means not being able to sleep laying down for six months after you're better. I hope you feel better soon XXX

  • I suffer with costochondritis too. Thought it was a heart attack, could hardly breathe, and when I did..BOY!! the pain. But GP says it's muscular and there's nothing wrong with my heart, but I still panic when the pain comes....which, of course, makes it worse!! XX

  • Well thank you all, I have an apt with phiso for my arms wrists and hands so will mention it to them on Tuesday and see what they say. I am seeing the doctor next week aslo so will broack the subject with her to.

    I have read up on this condition now and don't really identify with the symptoms exactly but always worth investigating so thank you all x

  • My first symptoms were hear like chest pain and palpitations then the rest started sometime later. In the end, not just my rib and sternum cartlidge was inflamed but also my spine and muscles and ligaments around the chest area. A very painful time. You get heart like chest pain and palpitations because you heart is basically trying to feet away from the inflammation. I also had nausea XXX

  • Oh gosh that is not nice will see what happens after all the tests I am having done fingers crossed it noting too bad xx

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