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Pip telephone assessment

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I have my pip assessment next week and I got help from cab to fill out the forms and I would appreciate any tips and does and don'ts during the assessment.

12 Replies
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Hi good luck with your assessment Id give them no positives at all unless they ask all gloom

if applys

Lots underestimate our limits etc

try not too if applys

If your in pain daily tell them and same with fatuige


Do not use the word tired

If apply use word

Exaustion or debilitating post exertional fatuige

Take your time

Try have someone with you do not rush

Try get copy of your form if not get one from cab they should have copied or told you too

They go over the forms plus their own questions

They will go over all the questions (12) Dont be put off if questions dont apply etc i.e mental health they have to ask to give zero points if they dont apply

Give as much information as you can

And if you cannot do any activity tasks on a daily bases even once a day tell them as they dont ask even advisers mis this and this counts towards the majority of time unable to do someing once a day means unable to do it for the whole day

If not to much for you you could try

Putting big sheet of paper on back of door taped to door

With all the 12 questions on the sheet

And below each question all your answers and information our local welfare come and put on door for you if claimants want too

And they assesors will not know your looking at them

Id recommend until next week to be prepared

Keep going over the

Pip self test

Just to know the questions and points inside out it will help

You can google

Benefits and work

Pip self test

Then you'll see all the questions and points

Good luck with your claim

P.s just tips and ideas you may get more

Everyone different

You may or may not take tips on boards thats fine also

Its wot you thing may help or apply

Good luck next week

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martindarren in reply to Ajay575

Much appreciated thanks

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Paulinecoatham in reply to martindarren

Hi martindarren. I'm interested to find out if you tried to claim for pip. I did about 1 year ago without any luck. Was very disapointed and mad that I was refused. I've had M.E. for around 30yrs and Fibro for around 8 yr or longer.

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- If you have kept a copy of your initial claim form, have a read through it.

 - Ideally you should have given 1 or 2 recent, detailed examples of the difficulty you face doing/attempting each applicable activity/descriptor that is looked at with PIP, i.e. when exactly did this occur, where, what exactly happened, why did you have difficulty, did anyone else see this, & were there any consequences to this, if applicable?

 - have a look at the PIP descriptors in this link, reading the notes at the end. The word 'reliably,' which is so important, isn't mentioned as such, but it's if you can't do an activity safely, to an acceptable standard, if you can't repeat it as often as would normally be expected, or if it takes you longer than a person without your disability. If you can't do an activity 'reliably,' say so, explaining why. Please see:


 - see if there were any gaps where you didn't give those important detailed examples for each applicable PIP activities/descriptors in your initial claim form. Try to include these in your assessment if asked about any

 - you may be asked questions which you feel don't directly address the PIP descriptors, but they will, sometimes looking across a few, e.g. do you drive, do you have a pet?

- if you're unsure about any question, just ask for it to be repeated. Take your time in answering, & don't just answer yes or no.

- make sure your phone is fully charged, & if you'd like someone there to support you, put your phone on speaker phone so they can listen in. Good luck.

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Have your form to hand, highlight anything you may feel wasn't explained fully so that you can expand during the conversation,

Have a drink handy, it can be thirsty work. Don't let them hurry you. If they try to move on to the next question before you are ready say so. If you need them to repeat the question, ask them to, don't struggle to answer what you think they asked.

If you need to move around ask them to wait a while whilst you move to get comfortable again.

Assessors can quite often become transfixed on one particular aspect. With my friend it was his car and asked the same question in several different ways.

Good luck.

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I had an assessment by the phone first one. I got turnt down. I am now having to do it again . As I am back at hospital to rumerthogly and ill have more evidence of the situation. I couldn't believe it

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I agree with everything Ajay says.. take your time and think slowly. I told them I have fibro fog and can get things mixed up..so told them and I would have to take my time answering questions.. they still lie about what you reply..I agree have copies of what you said to questions so you don't forget anything..it's not what you've got wrong with you..but what you cannot do..that's why you get the points..if you say your worst days and days you cannot even get up or do anything and help you are given..I had a nurse..all nice on phone and lied about things in her report..so don't be pulled in as deceptive.. good luck

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I had mine on thursday last week. they have previously ignored everything i put on the form and only gave my gp 1 week (they are supposed to give 1 month) to return the form they sent to him, he was on holiday the week the form was there and because he didnt get it back to them within that week, when he did send it back they ignored what he put as well. the assessor put that i could walk over 50m for several years, i couldnt and they ignored me.

they will ask you what will seem to be a question that seems to be really innocent, in my case it was about my cats, they asked if i fed them - they were trying to get me to say i bent down to fill their dishes, he then said they dont always eat it all do they, again trying to get me to say i picked the dishes up. - i said that i have to drop the cat food from standing and just hope that it lands in the dish, other than that i feed 2 of them on the work surface. so if they ask you something innocent, you cant do it or you have to wait for somebody to come to your house and ask them to do it for you.

if you have things like grab rails, you still struggle especially in the shower, if you have a shower over the bath, you get very anxious as even with the grab rails you are at risk of slipping getting in and out of the shower and this causes you anxiety and distress as if you fall and you are on your own you wont be able to get back up.

like one of the other replies have said DO NOT use tiered, you are completely fatigued to the point of exhaustion. when you are this bad all you can do is rest you dont have the energy or the strength to get up, you have to sit or lie down for the rest of the day.

I went for an appeal years ago, and 1 of the assessors there asked if the cats had a litter tray, again trying to get me to say i bent down to pick it up to empty it.

if you have put on the form that you have memory problems they may something to you at the beginning again totally innocent, then towards the end they may ask you if you remember what they said at the beginning about 'x', say no or not really

my gp told me a few years ago that when you fill the form in, you dont have many good days you have more bad days than good

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have your own copy of what you wrote in front of you so you can remember what you wrote and don’t let them rush you

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I just had my phone call a few weeks ago . You need to note down things like when you're problems started what you done in regards to doctor, nurse and hospital appointment. They need to know how you're day goes from getting up what help you need and so on . Also lists of medication you currently take and even any that were tried and any injections needed

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Thanks everyone

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Hi Martin, you must tell them that you’re in constant pain and discomfort. This worked for me and many others. All the very best.

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