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Hi All,

I thought I would up date you on my first appointment with a private Rheumatologist this afternoon! He was very good, asked lots of questions and examined me. He does think I have fibro and has put me on Amtriptyline along side of my tramadol to begin with then will increase the dose. He also mentioned Gapapentin later and also patches if need be. Hopefully now I will be able to get some proper sleep and manage to deal with day to day chores from now on.

He will also write to my gp for further prescriptions and physio.

I can't tell you how relieved I am after speaking to someone who specialises in fibro and understands the problems that go with it. He didn't make me feel like I was wasting his time or speaking another language.

I then went to spend a couple of hours at my Granddaughters school bbq which was nice but I couldn't wait to get home for a hot bath and pj's. My eyes are closing writing this but I couldn't go to bed before I told you all my excellent news (not that I've got fibro just the fact I know I'm not going insane)

Hope you all had a good day.

Love and hugs xx

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It makes all the difference knowing someone believes and understands you x

all the best

Jax :) x


Too true, I just wish I had found this site a year ago - I only found it this week I can't believe how much it's helped me already just knowing everyone's there for each other :)

Take care xx


Hi finlay,

I am so pleased for you that you have been listened to and now, like you say, YOU ARE NOT GOING MAD. Physio is helping me at the minute, it does hurt when you come out so take your painkillers before you go.

I take amitriplyn to sleep at night and it helps me and it stops most of my morning stiffness. Gabapentin is my wonder drug, i couldnt get through the day without it now.

The key to managing fibro best you can is pacing. Somedays are that bad for me i dont get nothing done, but most days i can do th ewashing, dishes etc..

Do not push yourself unless you really have to. I dont even take my own advice lol. I have had a hectic week but i am really poorly today so i should of listened to my body.

I hope you feel better about the situation and this site is brilliant, i have been on since january and i couldnt live without all the lovely people on here.

You take care, hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Kel,

Thanks for all the advice - I'm glad the amtriptaline works for you too. The Rheumo said he is writing to my go to increase my dosage after a couple of week and also to put me on Gabapentin. What is it and how does it help you?

I definitley feel better about the situation thanks, just wish I had found the site a lot sooner!!!

Hope your having a better day today :)

Love and hugs xx


I have been searching for the private rheumatologist as well , I was told they were charging £150.00 £250.00 . a bit puzzling, Looking for positive one price. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid. Thanks.


I actually paid £160.00. You should get an hours consultation plus examination and also a prescription. If you ring your local hospital and ask for Rheumatology secretaries they will tell you which ones do private work and the cost. Good look. I did it because I couldn't wait another 6 months xx


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