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The joy of trying to keep jaw open at dentist anyone else?


Hi all,

Anyone struggle with extremely sensitive teeth !!and struggle to keep jaw open when having teeth extractions due to face pain? Or any dentistry work?

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Ask for a mouth prop or bite block if you struggle to keep your mouth open.

feisty-girl in reply to bantam12

Thankyou bantam 12

Will ask next time have to go thankyou.

Yes! I've been referred to a dental hospital by my regular dentist because of the pain in my mouth. My xrays are clear so she is at a loss. I cried and begged her to pull my remaining teeth but she wants me to see the oral maxiofacial team first. I'm losing my teeth because of periodontal gingivitis but she says its at a stand still right now so nothing should hurt. But of course I couldn't tell her about the fibro because....I didn't know I had it. She figured some sort of neuralgia.

Sorry to hear that jenlovesnails its nightmare poor you !!I to loosening teeth rapidly from steroids for crohns disease!! Get to stage just want false teeth hey!!hope you get extra help seeing the maxiofacial team,supposedly seeing them to remove wisdom tooth.hope pain eases for you .

Sorry to hear about that. It's a nightmare innit? Fingers crossed we both come out the other side with one less pain problem *soft hug*

Certainly is hope you get on ok hug to you to.

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Sending you lots of of love and hugs I really don't like the dentist, it comes from when had to have an extraction a few years ago, had 3 attempts in different days so referred me to hospital, I was put to sleep and it the surgeon nearly an hour to get it out as it had fused to the bone and wrapped a shell around itself!!! Put me off for life!!! Hope you all get on ok . Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

feisty-girl in reply to Hidden

Sounds horrible what you went through !!, not surprised put you off the dentist.yes when my dentist talked about taking out my tooth at back I thought no way when he said I could have face problems after as near bone and what could happen so have opted have done at hospital as they struggle to get in my mouth as it is !!rather be put out.

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I can't believe I wanted to work in a dentist years ago, I hate the place now!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

feisty-girl in reply to Hidden

What you like !!definitely not a job I would like ,though would get alot of teeth work done lol😁😁😁 take care xx

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Lol xxxx

KnackeredKaty in reply to Hidden

OMG, that sounds like my worst nightmare!!! Poor you.

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Definitely put me off!! I'm a nervous wreck when I go!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

You need to get in touch with her, doctor , nurses Dentist etc all need to get a whole picture of what is happening, if they don't know then they are prescribing against each other, phone and tell not just for your sake but also theirs

I go to the hospital tues and back to the dentist next month so all will be explained at those appointments.

Oh god yes!

After two ops on my jaw as they dislocate i now cant even fit a sandwich or banana in there now i have to break it in fingers then get it in.

If u tell them they can use the childrens equipments so it all smaller and just let them know that u need to b closing in between as keeping it open wether on ur own or with a block is not good it strain the muscles in jaw

feisty-girl in reply to Lulububs

Sorry to hear that sounds painful dislocating!!nightmare for you with food then.i did tell my dentist last time about the fybromalgia/crohns affecting my jaw he didn't take alot of notice,great idea to use the children dentist equipment as really struggle .sorry you have put up with that.

Jaxie64 in reply to Lulububs

Awww you poor thing. I thought I had problems at the dentist. My heart goes out to you Lulububs.

Lulububs in reply to Jaxie64

Im used to it ...

Id love to scoff

A big burger though lol

feisty-girl in reply to Lulububs

Sorry fibro momoment put message under my name I'm such a plonker!!😁😁

Me to hun !! a big chicken burger !! Not been able eat solid food for 8 years because of crohn's disease we can have a feast in our minds. I'm sorry you have to go through that do you have soft food alot? Lulabubs

Lulububs in reply to feisty-girl

I have ibs quite bad to so it case of i eat little and often feisty-girl.

Oh crohns is a nasty one, do u ever think its all related.... i have so many ailments but i look ok that whats annoying...

Do u find that?

I do alot of keep fit and strengthening plus yoga and pilate to keep body strong and because i look strong people just cant get there head round when “ im not well”, ie a body flare or a ibs flare or migraines

Jaw wise il help u out!! Get to ur dentist and get a night guard.... it helps i relax jaw but also dont clench or grind in sleep... which i do badly.

Husband says it like sleeping with a herd of cows all chomping on grass 😂😂

feisty-girl in reply to Lulububs

Yes definitely had endometriosis &crohns but took 20+years for them eventually pick up crohns and the fybro they all immune definitely think they related!! Ah well done on the fitness that's fantastic,yes they see nothing on outside why such invisible illness sorry you poorly !! I am putting my foot down and asking to see a professor in London as 8 yes long time not be able to eat as stoma even failed time for me to take charge .sorry long winded that's what happens when being housebound does lol sorry😘 ,I dont talk about it ,put a brave face on like you 😘😘thankyou for your advice ,sorry chemo making me low today .hugs to you xx

Lulububs in reply to feisty-girl

Im sorry to hear u feel so low.

It hard when your housebound to as you feel so restricted and it hard as u cant really do anything to help urself

Feel better.

Yes u must demand things ... it is something noone wants to do as u feel a pain but u must get what u need to help u.

Im here if u need a good old moan or chat even if its about tv or news!

I watch alot of tv lol

feisty-girl in reply to Lulububs

Thankyou sorry had moan keep covered up around husband children very kind off you !! Dont like to moan.

You also can moan to me hun xxx

Thankyou again

Lulububs in reply to feisty-girl

Yeh same here, have no children but a husband i have, which is same as a couple of children lol!

Two dogs!

They dont understand im having a bad day they just wana play and walk! Which mayb helps me ... as it makes u do stuff but sometimes u just need that day dont u...

A day of laying on sofa feeling sorry for urself.

Husband understanding as he see me at worse and at best so he gets it..

Yeh moan all u like, if u cant moan on here then where can u

I know that I grind my teeth in my sleep. I was told by my dentist that makes teeth overly sensitive. I hate going to the dentist and having them cleaned is torture. 😁😱

Do they advice you on grinding teeth?I do the same !!keep forgetting ask when in chair cant wait to get out😁 ouch yes can understand your teeth sorry you go through this .

Ha ha weird i was just telling feisty that u must get a night guard im surprised ur dentist hasn’t given u one id he/she notices ur grinding as it can really mess ur jaw( 2 operations down) and teeth up( all back teeth are crowned as i have ground them down to stubbs)

It just made at dentist, they shove that horrible gaggy stuff to make a mould and u get a clear guard.

U wear at night. Sometime i wear mine if i having a bad pain day as i know i clench when i do and it stops it..

Wouldnt b without mine

Yes; I have to fight that every


feisty-girl in reply to Midori

I thought was just me at first !!but as years go on it seems to get worse,how long you had fybromalgia?

Hi,yes I also struggle to keep my jaw open it's so painful on base of my skull and jaw bone .No one seems to offer any support .

Yes dont think they get how painful can be about our health conditions I had to teach him about crohns disease as well ,sorry hurts you so much .

Donkey's years! Was diagnosed in (I think) 2010, but it took 20+ years to get the diagnosis!

feisty-girl in reply to Midori

Yes I think they are only becoming more aware with the knew generation of adults and diagnosis !!

As with a few of mine taken 20+years like you.sorry you had to wait so long for diagnosis though you must be a tough cookie coping so long hugs.

My dentist puts a guard in my mouth because I’ve Oa in my hands so I’m not having to hang onto the tools so it makes a difference cus I just lie their in fear instead. I’ve never liked going as my first dentist as a child was rough so my fear started then lol

Sorry to hear that !! Horrible having fear of dentist especially if they where rough to you as a child x

I’ve had same dentist now for 10yrs so I’m used to him. He’s fine but retire next year so I’m not looking forward to that lol maybe have all false teeth by then lol

Thinking same said to my mum should of kept my dads set false teeth!!,hope you get on ok finding a new dentist.

My last extraction the nurse had to come hold me still as I was moving head side to side n inching up the chair as he was tugging going ow ow ow ow lol yup don’t do dentists unless I’m crying in pain lol

Lulububs in reply to Treewade

I had extraction once and the man got onto the chair and actually put his knee on my chest to hold me down!! As a 15 year old child!! Imagine....

It scared me but once i started goin again as a adult i realised so much has changed nothing hurts even root canal!

Although after last extraction .. a big side one, she said i had teeth like a dinosaur ! Honestly i asked to keep it .. it was that big( root wise) it was lenght of my thumb 😂😂😂

Sorry i have a warped sense of humour

feisty-girl in reply to Lulububs

Lol you made me laugh ,I have same sense of humour x

Lulububs in reply to feisty-girl

I have a bit of a sick warped sense of humour which comes in handy for this illness marlarky

feisty-girl in reply to Lulububs

I do to hun definitely need it !! X

Hi. I recently had a wisdom tooth extracted. I was terrified but I explained about the fibro and being scared. They were brill!

I had a mouth prop which made it all so much easier and they were so kind!

So defo ask for mouth prop and I hope that you have kind people looking after you. They are definitely out there!

Gentle hugs


feisty-girl in reply to hf1981

Thankyou I will have to exsplain more next time ,be honest didn't realise was part of fybro thought was just me!! Thankyou so much for your advice the mouth prop definitely ask for as having teeth out all time because steroids and crohns disease.

You take care hugs

My friend at work gets special prescription only toothpaste from her gp as she has incredibly sensitive teeth. May be worth asking your dr. She can barely eat or drink without using this stuff twice daily.

feisty-girl in reply to Mxlucy

Hi yes I already get some prescription toothpaste from my dentist to make my teeth stronger dont know if that's the one!!

Yepper. Just had a root canal on Tuesday. When the Dentist asked how I was doing once it was over I told him trying to deal with all that junk they shove in your mouth is worse than the procedure. Adding, that isn't the time to be asking me questions. Now, 5 days later, my teeth and jaw ache like crazy.

Yes they could definitely pick their moment!!yes really difficult with all the junk in our mouths you are so right,for years thought was just one those things never realised related .I hope your teeth ease up and your jaw hugs x


Very sensitive and nervous so I pay for sedation for fillings etc I wont let them near me if not, when they tried to give me the anaesthetic to numb my gum I went through the roof, i must admit its my least favourite place to visit although I go every 6 months , just wish I was braver but feel pain quite easily.

Exactly I would rather have surgery than have my teeth done !!I know sounds daft .sorry you have go through that each time nightmare for you hugs x

Yes, I have sensitive teeth and I find it hard to open my mouth wide enough and keep in open at the dentist. I get pain in my jaw muscles and find them pulling. I have been convinced of having a rotten tooth many times due to my teeth being sensitive.

I never heard of t.m.j.until the last visit to the dentist 🦷 my jaw keeps popping now 😳

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