Hello all, what I'd like too know is how come fatigue can grip you at anytime, and anywhere, this is what I struggle with, pain I can manage ish, but fatigue god how do others manage that, to much effort to clean teeth, get dressed, walk to shop on bad day just walk up stairs, on top of that 3 1/2 to look after and I feel so bad sometimes I have to literally drag myself of the sofa to do anything with her, am I the only one?????? I hate the fatigue !!!! Any ideas please, if you have energy to reply. :-)

Thanks folks Nicki xxx

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  • no you are not the only one we all suffer from fatigue off and on but it must be so much harder with a young child to care for.

    my advice to you is rest whenever you can, soak in the bath, nap when the child naps or when possible and listen to music. lack of sleep doesn't help either. we just have to find ways to cope and don't be afraid to ask for help?

    hope this helps in some way

    Irene x

  • Hi Irene the trouble is I'm not good at relaxation it's a new concept for me to deal with, I guess the body's saying to relax more, il try too,

    Take care of you Nicki x

  • I would say that everyone has to find their own strategy to cope with fatigue but getting to the right level of sleep has helped me and this was done with Ametriptalyne, not spelt that right. As it was explained to me you can sleep for 24 hours but as a fibro suffer you skip level four on the five step sleep pattern. Speak to your GP about this and see if he can help.

  • Thank you il have chat with doc bowt it, nickix

  • hi hun i also can cope with the pain but the fatigue is terrible im caring for my elderly parents n im totally spent at the end of each day ,i just pace myself n only do wot i feel i can ,i think thats wot u have to do just pace n dont push yrslf n dont feel guilty if u dont do everything u think u shud b doing,wen im looking after my 2yr old grandson i sit on the floor n play cars n trains he also love me to read to him n sing to him n watch dvds with him ,take care soft hugs Tofty xxx

  • You sound like you got a lot to deal with, well done you for dealing as well as you do, I just struggle on trying not to be a rubbish mum, I do what I can and make everyday as special as I can for my little lady, she's still smiling so must be doing something right eh, thanks for input tofty, and you take care, Nicki x

  • Yes, fatigue is my biggest problem with fibro too, along with memory issues. I get so tired after doing very little and I have to sleep...NOW. I have been forced onto jobseekers to live, coz they stopped my ESA at my appeal, but who's going to employ me if Im always tired. I can just about manage to get up and do what I have to do around the house. Work as well...I dont think so.

  • Hello flower, fatigue sucks doesn't it, what's ESA ? That's my worst fear bowt not being able to do my job, hope it doesn't come to that, you take care, Nicki x

  • Fatigue is one of the worst things to manage with Fibromyalgia, it can really drag us down. It can be helped with pacing, but that takes a bit of practice. We have to plan regular rest periods (15-20mins on average) in between doing an activity, say hoovering or polishing. Even having a shower or washing our hair is exhausting, but if we rest after and then try to do something else slowly we can acclimatise.

    Ask your GP if there is a CFS Clinic locally, if there is, ask for a referral. Learning the Pacing Therapy really does make a big difference in terms of managing our fatigue and not allowing it to drag us down. Before long you will get used to the changes in your lifestyle, you will spend less time in bed, and actually have more energy, be able to achieve more too. The only time that pacing isn't effective is during a flare-up. It has to be started on a better day. :)

  • Thanks Libby for great advice, yes I have the RNHRD on my doorstep in bath, best in the country for the condition, got app can't wait il know il learn a lot bowt coping strategies from them, glad I'm not the only one who finds fatigue worse, u can take a pill for pain can't you? Nicki x

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