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Fibro and me

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Hi, i have just joined this group as i felt it would be great to speak to other people with the same condition that i have. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and i already have Osteoarthritis so as many of you can relate to what im saying, i suffer extreme pain at times. I also feel very low in myself and have struggled to deal with the news. The worst thing is trying to ease pain. The GP has put me on Pregablin as Gabapentin was not working. I dont really know what else helps with leading a pain free life. I currently work as a carer which obviously is not ideal but i dont know what else i could do at this time. I hope that maybe someone could help me to make some life changes and talk to me as i feel that would be a great start

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Hello Savannah1010, and welcome to the forum.

It can be difficult finding something that helps with the pain. For me personally, I found that Maxitram was the best thing for pain, which is slow release Tramadol, along with my medications for arthritis.

If you're able to take a bath, try Epsom Salts in your bath water.

Pacing is the most important thing you can do, but not always easy especially when you are still working. Others here will have other ideas and tips to help too. x

Hi there. The most important thing, as you say, is to get more help with pain relief. There are many different meds that you can try and so I think you should go back to see your Dr. It's not possible to work out a long term plan until you find out what your limitations will be. Hopefully they can improve your pain levels, and you can adapt and learn how to pace things. Wish you the very best. Come back here anytime you need support or advice. xx

thanks for the replies, I have recently been put onto pregabalin from being on Gabapentin for ages. I have had side effects but it is helping slowly. I must admit I struggle with working much of the time but would prefer to carry on for as long as I can, having said that the ore I push myself the quicker I have gone downhill in a short space of time. Im frightened to quit work as who will help me with my bills and afford to live. I don't know who to speak to about this and who will help me. My doctors just keep palming me off with more meds and don't have any answers and they never have time to talk to you these days. Im low in myself and sometimes I get agitated and annoyed at how I have to struggle on but what other choices are there

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