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I’ve been bed ridden for four days now thanks to the stress and upset of pip decision to drop my money and take my car away. I feel so lost as my independence is taken away as I rely so much on my car the pip means personal independence payment well what a bloody joke. I have now got to wait for my tribunal which maybe about 18 months so what am I meant to do in the meantime. This benefits system cripples the real people that need it the government really need to live in our shoes for a week see how they like being house bound and in constant pain.

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Terrible really terrible. Do try get some expert advice if you can with them saying you can walk either upto 50 metres reapeatly majority of time if you got standard rate .Terrible

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Motability put support in place where you may be entitled to a transition payment, which I think can also be used to keep your car longer. Don't have details to hand as on phone, but check with motability.

Totally understand your stress and upset, as same happened to me when I changed from dla to pip, tho I was lucky enough to get an extra 2 points at mandatory reconsideration which meant I got to keep my car xxx

I went through the reconsideration and they stuck to there decision even tho the assessor made lots of errors in her report.

So sorry to read your post. Hang in there you are more likely to win than lose at a tribunal. My husband went from zero points to 18. Do try and get as much help as you can with the appeal.x

We think found one of the reasons that there MAD on taking cars away!

to do with the ULEZ's they don't want to fund new low emission cars!

It’s still unfair on the genuine people that rely on them every day to get out. What am I meant to do go up the motorway on my mobility scooter? The government are absolute idiots and do not live in the real world typical tories the rich are getting richer and the poor are forgot about shame on them.

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