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Pip interview

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Hi everyone one it's the first time I've posted on here. I'm wanting some advice I've got my pip interview on the 21st on this month but I've got a back operation 3dys before and I need a home visit how do I go about this they know I suffer really bad with my back and just had hand surgery aswell my doctor told them this in a letter but they still want me to go in for a face to face and not come to my home any advice would be helpful thanks

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I had a home assessment for re newing my PIP and i didnt ask for it, contact them and tell them you are housebound post surgery, also send in the letter fromGP stating you need home visit. Good Luck dont take no for an answer.

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I will ring my doctors tomorrow for a doctors letter I'm in a bad way with all this pain and my c.f. and fibre Malaysia I'm not good at all is there anything I have to look out for with these people because you don't here good things with them

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