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Fed up with people


Really sorry to put this on here but I am so fed up with people questioning and not believing that I am genuine with my symptoms; and still battleling for a diagnosis as neurologist is unsure what is wrong with me. Why can't people mind their own business? Is it not enough to go day by day living like this without others making it 10x worse? Does anyone else get this pressure and in this situation?

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Hi , not really because I rarely tell anyone only close family and friends about my illnesses, I think everyone's got their own problems and don't really want to know . If anyone asks how I am I just say not too bad thanks, then they don't ask any questions 😃

Yes! It's really difficult for people to understand as they do not have to cope with the range of issues with Fibro😔 Your GP could also refer you to a Ruematologist as they could help with your diagnosis . It has taken a long time for my work colleagues, family and friends to be more understanding but try to perceiver as they do eventually. My partner is so good now and will stay in bed and even read me Heat and Hello!! Try to be positive though and stay strong. Sharing your experiences really helps and I send you peace and love over this challenging time💕✌

Hi people tend not to believe what they cannot c it is hard for me also I even fight myself because I don't like being like this take care

like others' I tend not to explain, here in Spain I always answer 'regular' or 'más o menos' both meaning so-so, thanks; it stops the conversation needing further explanation

Hi. Yes I am still struggling to get a proper diagnosis. I feel people I Talk to or tell, are not interested. Family although not all of them think it is all in my head. Doctors don't believe what you are saying. I think it's a really hard to listen to. Hope You get the answers to your problems x

Its going to happen anyway. People question what they can't see. There's no point getting agitated about it, so try to grow a thicker skin and reply with things like 'I don't look ill?. Well you don't look stupid, but there you go' or 'I'll happily trade bodies with you for a week!' A little bit of revenge works wonders!


I just keep it quiet from those who don’t understand!

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