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Feeling a fraud

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I am new here after six years of injections xrays tests and scans i have just been diagnosed with fybro. I find it hard to walk far without pain in back and leg and housework especially hoovering and kills my back and exhausts me. Due to reduced mobility I have gained weight which doesn't help my depression. Yet I still feel a fraud and feel it is my fault I feel as I do. Is this normal?

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Hi there Lizzie15 let me wish you a very warm welcome to our group :) Firstly no you are not a fraud you are suffering from a very real illness. What you describe is what most of us suffer with. Sadly there is no real answers to the problems we suffer with yet so doctors find it hard to treat and many find it hard to understand and except. I have had it for over 30 years and there are days when I can still wonder if they got my diagnosis right.

I am glad you found us :) we have some great supportive members here and they are always happy to share their own experiences and offer their support when they can.

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get on the www,simply-cbd.co.uk, web site i am on simply green a couple of drops under the tongue it takes away all the pains you have to give it time to work, its legal in the uk, trust me it works on my ibs as well

Hi lizzie welcome to the group that nobody wants to be in. As dizzy said what you describe is how most of us feel unfortunately. Try pace urself I know the feeling when hoovering used to take me 10 mins for flat now I feel it takes me hours as I need to keep stopping and having a rest. As with ur weight some of ur medication could be causing weight gain. I joined slimming world this year as I had gained weight I've lost over a stone n half still bit to go but will get there. You are not a fraud it's just this awful illness. Take care gentle hugs xx

Hi Dizzytwo, I know how you feel. I blamed myself too because I thought I should have seen the signs as I used to be sick 2 weeks every month. Looked after my disabled son, whose 40 years and then decided to take care of my mother who had severe dementia. But what we have to do is deal with the diagnosis and look after ourselves. You have to pace yourself. If you want to understand what is happening in your body I recommend you read this article which I found explains CFS and fybromyalga (I think one goes with the other). "CFS - The Central Cause: Mitochondrial Failure" that's the name of the published paper and here is the link: drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/CFS_-_T...

Don't assume it doesn't apply to you. That's what I first did but I know I have chronic fatigue and been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to carmenp1

Hi there :) was your reply for me or the original poster Lizzie15 I'm guessing it was to Lizzie15 I am sure she appreciates your reply :)

As for your link I see you have already done a post on it and has desquinn replied this as been posted many times already. But unfortunately there as never been any follow up done on it :( I hope you have a very pleasant day xx


Hi 💕a fraud you are not! Don't ever think you are alone in dealing with this. Chat anytime and ditto with the housework! I have such a loving partner who will help and he always reminds me that it's not the housework that's important it's the warm welcome love and positive ethos that makes a home and not a tidy house! Peace and love. Stay strong

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