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Gluten intolerant or fibromyalgia?


Hi all, My mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a decade or so later so was I. But my husband found info somewhere on the internet which suggested testing a gluten free diet if you were suspected of having FM. I had such pain I could not dress, pull the duvet over me etc. After two weeks of no gluten (no cereals, bread, cakes, biscuits. Just plain meat, vege, salads) the pain went - along with other symptoms so do check this yourself just in case.

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Thanks but I definitely have fibromyalgia the spasms & tears at everything tell me so,hopefully it might help others though,have you been to tell your doctor thier diagnosis was wrong yet???

I totally agree. I had awful IBS as well as Fibro and when I removed gluten and moved to Arlo lactose free milk my pain gradually subsided. I do now eat some gluten but having had a break I feel I'm less sensitive to it. Another thing is to take a tablespoon of golden linseeds a day with a drink. It was advised by a hospital nutritionist as the oil from the seeds coat your gut and protect it from irritants.

Been gluten free for nearly 2 years, still exhausted, still in pain.

I couldn’t eat a healthier diet, and have never smoked, don’t drink alcohol, never eat fried food or ready meals. No takeaways, no sugary drinks , no additives, next to no salt. Maybe I’d be worse if I ate badly but it’s not curing me :(

Hmmm, worth discussing with a GP first. When I went gluten free I was much much worse and it took my gut weeks and weeks to recover. Gf is not for everyone.

I have been gluten free for many years, still have Fibromyalgia and all that goes with it however anything is worth a try. I haven't been diagnosed intolerant just less tummy upsets since I stopped and unwilling to test the theory by having it back in my diet xx

Hidden son in law has coeliac disease and has symptoms of fibro,he gets very bad fatigue.

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Oh my!,that's an awful disease, terrible terrible pain with it,it takes a lot out of thier body and leaves them drained,a family member of mines had it.


Glad it worked for you , they do say a good diet can help or at least lessen the symptoms a little may it continue for you take care x

Suffered with Fibro for about 18 years now,, about 3 years ago I cut out All grains,, All dairy,, All soy,, No sugar Tea or Coffee no fizzy drinks or sweeteners.

Most of my diet is now mainly organic and raw where possible.

My bowel symptoms are easier to deal with but the fibro is not much different so I don't think it's going to work for everyone.

Delighted your doing well and congradulations on being brave enough to step outside the box!

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