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Ouch ouch and PIP interview

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Last 2 days I’ve had worsening pain in the tops/bottoms of my feet up my shins and in general my hands. Flare up would have been more welcome at my assessment interview. Stupid me for feeling I could do a little more the other day which at the time I did feel happier doing something other than watching but paying the price 😞😞. But on that note happy Sunday everyone there’s always someone worse off if you don’t believe me Jeremy Kyles on tomorrow always has a positive effect on me 💤💤💤💤 I cant keep these peepers open

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Hi, I’ve had a similar flare up since returning from holiday three weeks ago. Like you, this us not unusual after trying to do more - so frustrating isn’t it! Taking longer than normal to settle and I’ve had some bad nights pain wise with very disturbed sleep. Maybe I’ll try watching a Jeremy Kyle and see if that helps!😊

I've just had mine, and now my lower back and bum are killing me. She asked me to raise up on my toes using my husband as a balance, anyone know why I had to raise on my toes? I too, like you felt OK doing the movement, but I'm suffering now 😢 xxc

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