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GP unsympathetic...doesn't understand the frustration of having medication that no longer has the required effect


Hi you lovely lot.

I don't know where to turn now. My Gp is not interested that my meds don't help as much as they used to. I am now struggling with reoccurring abscesses on th top of my leg, which hinder my already painful walking Ability. They tell me all the time to cut out sugar, I don't have sugar , exercise more, I can't even walk somedays never mind exercise. I swim when I can but that's all I can muster. They don't want to even.look at my fibro and cfs meds but keep ploughing me with antibiotics and penicillin.

I just don't know where to turn anymore...I'm quite an upbeat person but this is dragging me down.

Sorry for the moan guys I'm so frustrated.

Gentle hugs xxxx

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Firstly, are you diabetic? If not, have you been tested recently for diabetes?

Recurring abscesses can be a very common thing in diabetics. I'm diabetic myself, and in the past I have been plagued with abscesses and was constantly on antibiotics. In the end my GP referred me to a dermatologist, so if you're constantly getting them I would ask your GP to refer you to a dermatologist.

The advice I was given by the dermatologist was to always use Sanex shower gel and Sanex deodorant. I was also put on a course of antibiotics for a prolonged period, and since then things have settled down a lot. I know how dreadfully painful they can be.

With regards to the meds you're on not helping, is there another GP in the surgery you could see? If not, take someone with you who knows how much pain you're in. Sometimes GP's will listen better when we have someone else with us.

Good luck x

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