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I cry alot


sciatica pain since birth of 1st child at age 27. I am 60 now and looking back the pain I had then was a breeze. I guess I should thank God, for I had child 2 and worked and rolled hard thru life. Now here I am can hardly breathe or walk. I am constantly looking up back pain, hip pain, foot pain, groin pain, leg pain. Frustrating to me and also Dr.s I'm sure, but I also feel like Dr.s are getting paid to help me. So after 1 dr. gets all he can out of me, here I go to the next. And yes I've been questioned about Dr. hopping. I @$^%## hate that, I,m in pain I want help. MRI's xrays, shots, meds.,PT, chiro. What ever they ask me to do. Sitting here hurting to high heavens, ER treats us like poop. Grandbabies here that need me. Cane, walker, wheelchair. Don't like the way this effects family. Well if nothing else this is a nice place to vent. Just don't be mean, that never helps .

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Have a good moan and a good cry! I always feel better after a good cry!

I could not of said it any better you are so on the button with the doctors.

Were all here for each other, I have only been on it a day and I have this happy bounce of hope in my brain.

I have Scoliosis of spine, I was born with it, the pain is horrendous, It took years and years of complaining. (after many pills, prods, pulls and potions, and a horrific breakdown) I now have injections in the spine, they are like a breath of fresh air. It don't get rid of the pain completely, but the improvement last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the person. I had injections every 6 months, but due to long waiting lists and lack of funds its been nearly 18 months since my last one.

My sister has sciatica pain, and is having Radiofrequency denervation (after many years of being a guinea pig) but only because she is so fed up with the NHS that she has paid to go private. There is still no guarantee it will help her but the one sure thing is she'll have a big debt to pay back! shame on people who make money from this.

(source: BUPA)

Radiofrequency denervation is a treatment that uses heat to deactivate the nerves around your facet joints that are causing your pain. These nerves are called medial branch nerves and send pain signals to your brain if you’ve got inflammation in your facet joints.

Your doctor will use radiofrequency waves (a form of electricity) to heat the tip of a needle which is used to destroy the nerve endings. This aims to stop the nerves sending pain signals to your brain.

freemanchest in reply to Osirus

Happy bounce of hope, thank you for mine. I also had the denervation done, it was a bust, I was so hoping on that 1. I pretty much rely on pain meds. Off to PCP and chiro today, my give up mode is pushed back by my grandchildren, but, it is, always pushing. The fight is tiresome and consuming, my other things to do are constantly calling, so to say. I think I'm still venting, please don't take me to seriously, but, seriously I'm consumed. I know that doesn't make sense, seems the only way to explain 32 yrs of progressive pain. Please take care of u

Sharon Wheeler in Seattle has amazing results. I’ve trained with her on Bone and Scar Work.


Yes vent get it out and share there’s no harm in that, are you in America as you’ve called it ER , yes it does affect family life like you I have grown up children and now young grandchildren so I completely understand , yes this is a nice forum and members are very supportive if you would like to lock your posts you normally find members respond more as gives more privacy and not open to other site engines on the internet here’s the link. healthunlocked.com/fibromya... forward to see you posting again x

Sciatica pain really sucks!

Having 3 babies without any medication whatsoever, was a breeze compared!

Go easy on yourself. Tears are healing. Many of HU members are grandmothers who cannot help children and/or lift grandchildren. Don't beat yourself up. At least we can love them.

Vent away. It's good for the soul. We've all been there.

freemanchest in reply to Supul

Good comparison to child birth.

Have you tried acupuncture, it is the only thing that helped my sciatica, you have to find a really gud acupuncturist, three that I have seen did not help at all but the other lady who only gave acupuncture was unreal.

freemanchest in reply to Jcwg

Yes I have tried it. No real major help plus on a fixed income I couldn't continue. So glad to here that it has helped you. I hope others will try that approach. It is always better to be able to get relief from natural ways. My chiro. is most helpful at untying the knots. I was diagnosed with pseudogout in the hip today. Kinda at a loss with more to deal with, but deal with it I will. Like I've said my grandchildren depend on me. And that helps me continue. Thank you all for being there. ( I'm not alone)

Have you also seen a pain management specialist?

thanks for asking, 4 so far. I can be presistant.

I read about something called a x-ray guided injection of platelet growth factors. Maybe you’ve tried that but when I had sciatica I had read about it.

Btw, I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. And for such a long time too.

You can get acupuncture free through a nhs Physio, if that could help you..

I will ck that out , had no idea of such a thing

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