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Privacy can be a sensitive subject for members

Private messages (PMs) are only heard by those members who write and

receive them but can be reported to HU if abusive or a member is at

serious risk


The HealthUnlocked support team receives reports of private messages which contain only the specific message that is being reported. It does not contain previous messages or messages that are sent after the report is received. This function is in place as unfortunately, we experience users creating an account to spam/troll others via private message and in other cases, some private messages can become heated and abusive, so it is vital for us to be made aware of these messages in order to stop the situation as quickly as possible due to the vulnerability of some of our users.

Whilst we can request access to private messages via the database, we only carry this out in cases where we absolutely need more information (e.g. potential risk to users) or in cases where we want to check how many people a spammer/troll has messaged so we can limit the number of people affected and reassure them. All HealthUnlocked staff have been trained on data confidentiality and privacy regulations, so in the case where we have to access private messages, we do so with care and diligence to make sure we only acquire the information we need to make appropriate decisions and actions.

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Thank you Bananas5 got this important info. 😊🌸🌿🦋


Hi, I was aware of this, but thank you for the reminder. I do hope you are not experiencing any problems.


Morning Bananas5 it's good to have updates on important information like privacy and abuse. I do hope you yourself has not been on the receiving end of such private messages. Xx



thanks for getting this info from HU and posting it here.

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I agree, always report any abuse, spammers & trolls otherwise HU cannot deal with this issue. If you need to report a private message, please see the following instructions to help;



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