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Thank you

Thank you so much for responding to the text that I sent this morning. All these supportive , kind replies have helped me through this difficult spell. I don’t feel quite so alone with this illness. If you can all be brave and positive then I will try to be the same. I pray that everyone is having a better day than myself but I’m sure it will pass. Thank you again. I don’t know what I did before discovering this forum! Xx

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Glad you're feeling a little better now, we're all in the same boat more or less so we do know what you're going through, hope you have a better day tomorrow , take care.


Everyone here will always offer their support and be each other’s crutch. We all need that on our worst days and I’ve definitely met some lovely friends through this group. Hold on in there, we all have those days of darkness but by posting and allowing us to be there with you, you’re making progress and turning on the lights. Always here if you need someone to talk to x

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Thank you. X

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