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Pet cards

This could be useful for those who have older relatives, friends, or even ourselves.. Often the fact of that person owning a pet is overlooked in a crisis.


If you know someone who lives alone and has a pet the latest complimentary 'Pet Card' from Co-operative Funeral Services may be of interest.

Pet Cards are a means of raising awareness of pets that may be home alone in the case of something happening to the owner.

With the UK pet population reaching around 57 million, the wallet sized card is used to inform of who should be contacted if the owner were to become ill or injured and ensures any four legged, furry or feathered friends are looked after.

The complimentary cards will be distributed in local communities as the nation is urged to take the simple precautionary measure to ensure their domestic companions are never left alone.

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Also, as far as cats are concerned, Cats Protection have a scheme where you can ask them to look after your cat in the case of your death. I think it's called Cat Guardians scheme. You need to sign up with them for this.

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Yes I think there are many schemes like this already around, great idea, though most people would rather rely on friends and neighbours I would imagine, not strangers.

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Hi Banannas5,

That is a really good idea, there are schemes that will take in pets under these circumstances but they all need to be informed, so many homes have several different pets. Maybe this can be included on such a card.

I am sure something must have happened to my rescue dogs owner, he is such a loving dog but he was a stray who was not claimed, yet he was microchipped but phone number out of date and had recently been neutered.

I am now lucky to have very good neighbours who would look after my 2 dogs and cat until my family could sort something. I hope everyone else also have neighbours like mine.

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