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Pain clinic an specialist

Hi everyone just looking on advice went George elliot pain clinic other day he send me to rhemotoligist and referred me for acupuncture physio and I'm also suffering migraine severely just wandering how what goin happen next I'm rather stress got esa worktribunal coming up next week scared worried what or how do need dread it no support any advice plz hope all takin steady today not to much pains happy new year to you all xxx

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Ive used physio acupuncture it was very effective but needs repeating. Migraine I suspect may be the stress you,re are going thru, these people at DWP need a real kicking how they put us thru such suffering,, if you can go on Benefits & Work under "Topics" you will be able to read and respond to a question and answer senario on what to say and what not to say at these hearings, I too am waiting to know if my PIP will continue after 2 years, it is stressful, I am in a position that if mine is stopped the n my car goes back as I wouldnt be able to pay for it- Id let the DWP respond to the finance company as to why they wouldnt pay on if this happens...

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I no it awful how British system dwp work an lot um treat us x


Afternoon to you , yes can understand being worried about facing something that you have not had to deal with before I'm sending a link over to help , healthunlocked.com/fibromya... hope you will find this helpful to read and you can ring the helpline as well. If you would like to lock your future posts as well here's another link it normally generates more responses so only our community can seen them and not open to all on the internet ., healthunlocked.com/fibromya... take care xx


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