esa time limit ?

I have re-read my letter about my esa allowance I have been placed on the support group level. I seem to have it in my tiny brain that it is only for a year but i doesnt actually say on the letter when it stops. I have tried looking on some sites and they are so confusing. Some say it is indefinate but I may be called for medical assesment again. Any help would be helpful. thank you xx

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  • its the esa work related whats for a year .x

  • For my ESA (Work-Related) it was six months - then reviewed a year later. I am looking to be placed on the support group level. It may helpful to ask CAB how it functions, as they have alot of dealings with this system - hopefully, someone on thist site has more info.

  • thank you both. It really is a nightmare to understand..xx

  • Hopefully some queries that crop up will be covered on our ESA tag, see right under Popular tags in Questions. There are quite a few posts there on the subject and also you can find lots of information on DLA. ESA. WCA and the Benefits & Work website which FibroAction is a professional member of on our Benefits page of our website. Hope this helps! :) :)

  • if its contribution based esa then its for 12 months from when you first start claiming it, (first date of sick), the income based esa is until you get better, no longer need esa or get a job and come off the benefit, or so they explained to me last week, hope that helps :)

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