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A good rheumatologist in Worcestershire area??

Hi, obvs new here 😊. I don't have fibromyalgia - but my partner does. He's been diagnosed for 5years now. He's GP and pain management consultant have said "it's all in your head, exercise and therapy is all you need". I'm fuming, he's given up. I want to do everything I possibly can to make he's life easier if I can. I've spoken to a woman at FMA and she's pointed me here to find out if anyone knows of a good rheumatologist in Worcestershire area?? Any help at all appreciated. My partner not sleeping and burning up over the last 2 weeks and I really want to help him the best I can. Hes on tramadol and pregablin and paracetamol. Any help?

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Difficult one as I often feel with a consultant it is if you can get on with them personally. I was devastated when my pain specialist retired especially as he wasn't replaced so his outreach clinics ceased. Have you had a look on NHS choices to see who is available in your area. I do hope someone comes along from the forum from that area who has seen a good rheumi it is horrible how your partner has been left. I must admit I have found more understanding and help in some ways from my private acupuncturist. He is also an expert in Chinese medicene and he is extremely knowledgable about fibro more than any doctor I have met. He gives very sound advice on diet and exercise and tailors his treatment to the individual according to what is causing the most problem at the time. Hope you can find some help.x


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