Back again

Had a nice time on holiday our little dog loved running in the valley wife enjoyed herself our youngest son enjoyed himself as well we all had a great time when we got back i was in bed for 2 days I was really tired think I done to much went and saw my doctor he was very nice and polite to me had my monthly check up and I was told some news about Mt blood pressure it was very high now on more tablets to bring it down what else can go wrong but have a happy 😊😊day

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  • Glad you all enjoyed your break. You have probably done far too much but when you get the opportunity to get away it is really difficult to pace yourself. Such a pity about the high blood pressure you could do without having to take any more tablets but I hope they get it under control.x

  • Thanks

  • Nice to hear you and your family had a good time☺ oh and your little dog too. Chris

  • We all did thanks

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