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last ten night bad sleep, two night with no sleep, the rest was 3hr or 5hr. Friday was my birthday, cried most of the day, but made my self go out in evening to work outing. this day of crying seems to hit when total energiless. can any one give me advice not to hit the tears day, happens every month had to resort to sleeping tab last night first seven hour sleep it was like amber nectar feel better for this but can not do this on a work night your fibro friend bourne

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  • Hiya Bourne, nice to meet you

    Fibro does have a tendency to cause bith sleep problems and emotional ones too, where we feel we just cannot take anymore, but sure enough we start a new day with the same old fibro.

    Your pain keeps you awake, your lack of sleep causes the emotional aspects of it all. They often say fibro and depression go hand in hand.

    I would strongly suggest you go and see your GP to discuss this and see if they can offer you any help at all other than pills

    Keep well


  • thank you for your response

  • There is one anti-depressant licensed for both depression and fibromyalgia pain relief. It is Duloxetine so you could mention this to your GP. The fibromyalgia section of the NHS choices website refers to it.

  • i have asked about this but i am on a different tablet for the last few years dr says it wont mix

  • Good morning,I would definitely go and see your g.p as there are meds you could try for the sleep and mood.I take dosulepin which helps for both.Have you tried looking at fibro actions pages as Iam sure that there will be some info on there on sleep and fibro xxx

  • I found a really good way of dealing with broken sleep and sleeplessness. I use stories on audiotapes, then I listen to them when I am awake and I really enjoy them, and when I become involved in the story it often makes me go off to sleep. I have some very soft earphones on a really long wire. I find some stories very soporific because they have a monotonous tone (Catch 22 for example) and others I get really into and they might keep me awake a bit - I'm reading one now about someone who cycled around Cameroon, I love it but it is exciting. Sometimes I have to listen to stories for several weeks, over and over again, to get the full picture and then my mind has to sort out the bits I remember in order. I listened to the life story of Buzz Aldrin (man on the moon) and I kept missing the bit about his second marriage, I knew all about wives numbers 1 and 3! The stories distract me from things like tinnitus, the feeling of wanting to pee 24/7 (I have Interstitial Cystitis) and funny pains. You might be able to get free audiotapes or CDs from the library if you are disabled - either with a sight problem or with an illness like fibro that stops you from concentrating on reading.

  • I know how you feel my sleep pattern is just awful atm.I wake up after about an hour then maybe 2.5 hours later, lay awake for maybe 3 hours then my alarm goes off at 7.15 and I feel like I've not slept a wink. I take Zopicione 7.5mg sleeping pills which give me the bliss of about 7 hours but my GP wants me only to take one every 3 nights max . I've already had 9 since 22/11 so that's not good. You can see why they are addictive. I'm having problems finding a suitable pillow. You can't return them for sanitary reasons and I've had 3 new ones recently none of which have worked. I had a fall on holiday 7 weeks ago. I've been having massages to help but I think I must be having a flare up or a healing crisis because I'm aching all over all the time . I'd been pain free for 11 months until I fell so I'm really disappointed. This time even epsom salt baths aren't helping. Any tips?

  • you sound so like me i went to John lewis i choose a cool mattress topper witch helped a lot, the lady was very help full with advice on the soft pillow, have got one and a few different one just keep moving them about. i did take my first half tablet of zopicione 7hr sleep what a big difference, it made to me . dare not take when working. . nothing seems to work just have to let each session pass but i will admit so sleep deprived it all got too much . every day different and we must try and keep going chat soon

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