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Hi I don't post much but I do read a fair bit. I have for a while now had problems with sleeping loads, brainfog , pins and needles plus numbness in hands and arms and general pain. New doctor did blood I am low in B12 I am getting tabs today so if in a few weeks I feel like a new woman and not like the ruin I feel now I will let you all know all the best to you all 😊

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  • Good Morning Olivia,

    I am going in for loads of blood tests in a few weeks, to test for different things as my tiredness etc has creeped up on my loads recently! I hope that the tablets really help you, please keep us in the loop about how you are feeling? 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Hi Gemma by your pic I am a lot older than you but I have been sleeping a lot I thought I was just going through a bad patch it was mostly the pins and needles in my hands that got me to the docs. So l will give the B12 a go thanks for your reply hope your test go ok x

  • Good luck with tabs hun, hope they make you feel better. xxx

  • Wishing you well with the B12 medication I hope it makes you feel better XX


  • Hope you're feeling better now, Olivia77. The one thing I've learnt over the past few months is that fibro needs time more than anything else. Time to rest. take breaks between work and chores, time to look after yourself - walk, swim, massage/physiotherapy/chiro, time to plan and prepare food from scratch to eat healthy... They used to call gout a rich person's disease (because some believed it came for a diet of too much red wine and red meat), but I think fibro takes the top prize!

    Given that so many fibro sufferers have vitamins B12 and D, iron and calcium deficiencies, does anyone know the medical explanation for this?

  • This is just me thinking out loud but maybe a malabsorption issue ... not producing the enzymes we need to break down and extract the good bits from the food we eat. That would also render vitamin tablets of no use either. Injections would probably work in that case I think ????? I dunno, as I said, just me thinking out loud.

  • Why aren't we producing these enzymes? Why don't we get meds that stimulate production of these enzymes? I looked up the NHS page on leaky gut and it sounds very skeptical.

    I feel frustrated. I'm getting nowhere with the pain and fatigue. All my GP gives me is painkillers. There is no treatment except winning the lottery so I can quit my job and finally get some rest and time. (Here are some more pills - off you go.) He does not recommend anything other than a healthy balanced diet. But anecdotal evidence shows maybe there is something in the gut bacteria explanation...

  • Why aren't we producing these enzymes? Well if indeed that is the case (remember this is just me thinking out loud), it's to do with errors made during DNA and RNA replication during cellular regeneration processes - and now we're in the realms of molecular biology. Its actually fairly common for errors to be made - sometimes they have no effect, sometimes they have profound effects.

    Why is nothing done? As you said, its all anecdotal evidence and doctors won't do anything based on that. Only when there is firm evidence from clinical trials that are backed up by peer group studies will any thing be done.

    I agree, its incredibly frustrating.

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