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I'm feeling a lot better today, good job really as my son Richie is is off school, my poor baby has a viral infection coughing and being sick, and all he wants is hugs, but he copes very well with it just a little ratty, but teenager is whole other story the worse I feel the worse she is, she even messed up my puzzle I've only been trying to to it for 2 wks on and off, I was not impressed, oh what fun

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Teenager, feel sympathy for you !

Glad you are feeling better hun; I hope it continues xxx

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Thank you, didn't last been in to much pain to sleep, so yes now my youngest is up and my 5yr old won't be far behind bless them, and my hubby has got to go out this morning, but never mind I just grin and bare it as usual, my kids are really quite good especially my 5yr old he always wants to help me, I am so lucky to have my hubby and my kids even if my teen can be about of a nightmare

You've just got to love en!

Hope you are still feeling better.

Healing hugs x

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