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Big Decision to make

Morning peeps, i hope everybody is feeling at your own best today, its wet snd soggy out but the sun is poking out, so not all bad.

Aches and pains running amuck today, trying not to give into the temptation to curl up on tge sofa all morning.

Got an appointment with consultant tomorrow hopefully he'llsay its the fibro and not my arthritis in my shoulder thats causing the agony .

I had to finish work just over 7yrs ago as a senior carer. But lately I've been feeling restless and really want to find a job, but knowing i cant do want im trained to do.

I found an ad for a healthcare call coordinator, without realky thinking it though i filled in the on line application. I got a over the interveiw which lead to a face to face interview, all this in the space of 4days.

Then they asked for referees, which is being sorted.

Now on reflection im terrified, 7yrs is alongtime away from the workplace.

There is a huge element of IT skilks required which is going to be an issue and ive told them my IT skills aren't what they were. Iwill hace traning and a probationary period of 12 weeks, if im offered the job . It will be 6hrs on a sat and sunday. I thought 12hrs a wk would a way to ease back into work, learning new skills and still putting my care work into use without all the physical denands of working in a care home.

Since applying my head has been in overdrive, i cant shut it down, which has bought on the most awful headaches , the fog has been off the scale trying to hold a conversation with my sister was like ' give us a clue" bless her for her patience.

Im worried can i do this at 50yrs oldand more than 7yrs off work, then there'll be the retraining, what if i cant remember anything they teach me.

What about my esa and pip will i lose them, can i work 12hrs a week , how will that affect me? If i lose my pip then i lose my mobility car then i can't get to work anyway!

Is it worth all this stress , my partner doesn't think i can do it, he says im in denial about how ill i am , without all the drugs i wouldnt be able to function. But says if its what i want he'll support me. He hates to see me suffering , the cold weather is coming and i dont do at all well, i struggle to get up and dressed nevermind anything else. .

My head and body hurt, my hands are so painful i am struggling to type.

Please help, im so scared and confused right now 😵😵

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Good morning phlange you are very brave wanting to go back to work with fibro- can I tell you I had 8 months off sick when fibro kicked in hard along with CFS and more recently calcium crystal deposits in my shoulders (ask your doc tomoz to check for that same pain as fibro) Before you make this decision; and I know what you mean about needing to go back out in the world; I did it I took a lighter job in the nhs; I was a theatre nurse; and I agreed to sit at theatre reception and meet & greet patients coming for surgery, I liked it until a patient took ill on me and needed CPR- good god i couldnt get down to the floor, my legs just wouldnt bend quickly, when I got down the power needed to rescusitate was gone! My arm muscles were too weak. I had called for help and luckily a doctor came thru the reception doors to help me but he whitessed me unable to get back to my feeet- if i squat or kneel i really struggle to get up. Theatres are on the first floor, the doctor asked me if I had considered if the fire alarm went off -who would get YOU out let alone the patients. I also couldnt reach up to high shelves, I had difficulty comprehending some instruction due to fibro fog I ended up a jibbering wreck totally ridiculed by so called cruel colleagues, (these were the few who had discussed what salary I was being paid for downgrading Im sure you,ve met people who think they are the boss)! Give it some serious thought hun ask your gp before you venture he might say he wouldnt sign you off to work again.. There are lots of things to do after retirement its just seeking around and finding- on wednes, once a month I go to a local Centre where ladies & some gents used to like dancing but their conditions dont allow, as a dance teacher in my spare time; we,ve been able to shorten dances that they like, we have tea & bickys, they are not all old fogies either.



It's very brave of you to consider working two days straight without a break and I can understand how and why you are dithering. Seven years is a long time to be out of the workplace and it can affect your confidence and how you relate to other workers.

Don't forget this is a probationery period which works both ways, it is not only to see if they want you, it is also to see if you want to stay working there too.

If you are having a bit of a meltdown and convinced yourself that you will not be able to cope, do ring them and explain. They may be able to keep you on record until you feel well enough to learn and manage your work time.

The government has an Access to Work thingy, (sorry forgot the word!) which helps you return to work, worth finding out about.

If you are feeling the world is passing you by but are not sure you want to commit so many hours, perhaps voluntary work may help you. Your council should have a list of volunteer groups and clubs. I offered to take elderly and disabled people to the library once a week to change books, have a cup of tea and socialise for a couple of hours. There are plenty of opportunities like that. Pick an interest and see how you go.

Good luck, whatever you decide.



Good for you. I had to give up 7 years back and would love to go back to work as I adored my job. Even if you are well everyone panics about starting a new job especially if it is different from what you have previously done. That there is a trial period it works both ways and you might find you live it and it helps you forget your pain but remember your health is the most important thing. It is a pity in one way the job isn't less hours a day as it is a long time to be sitting there and having to concentrate.

With ESA there is something called permitted work as long as it is for 16 hours and less and earning no more than £120 a week. Why don't you phone the ESA helpline on 0800 055 6688 and say you are wondering about trying to get back to work fora couple of days a week to test the water and ask what will happen.

You can work whilst getting PIP but when it comes down to renewal if you are doing two 6 hours days they might think you are better than you are so you would then need to emphasise how it affects you on your days off.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.x


I think you are being so brave! You will be absolutely amazing and you should have tonnes more confidence in yourself! It’s going to be a little bit scary to start with but I really find that Work distracts me and gives me something to focus on which can really help! Please let us know what you decide ♥️🦋

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