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what is happening?...

Hello peps, lovely to meet you all.

Question every time i sneeze i have this sort of a lower belly cramps its been like this for weeks now, what is happening to my body?


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Really sorry I don't know the answer to this; I would really suggest giving your GP a call or a visit as unfortunately none of us are medically qualified to help with this x


Hi there bl4ppy do you sneeze a lot ? I don't sneeze often but when I do sneeze too hard I get like a painful cramp under my tummy. I think it's just the muscles constricting. It as never caused me any problems but it feels a little sore for a few seconds when it happens.

If it is causing you a lot of pain and it is something that is new for you then maybe it might be time for a trip to the surgery just to make sure all is ok xx



When I'm tired I get a pressure at the back of my nose. It gives me the sensation of sneezing. Very annoying.j it's like a pressure in your head.


I don't know what it is but I'll let you know if I ever find out.


Years ago I sneezed and pulled a muscle in my back and for years afterwards this muscle would start to spasm randomly. Which goes to show that when you sneeze, it affects parts of the body you wouldn't think of (it using).

I also know from having a cesarean and all my abdominal muscles cut, you use your abs for a hell of a lot, including sneezing and laughing. It could be your pulling your lower abs.

However, if concerned you should seek medical attention from your GP for a proper diagnosis.


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