What's the difference?

I just want to clarify something, isn't deep aching the same as pain.

I have been ill for 2 weeks now with fibromyalgia flare, I did too much and am now suffering for it. Yesterday (Saturday ) I slept for the best part of the day, only waking for a wee or a drink, or when my feet cramped. I'm still 😴 exhausted and bone deep aching.

Whinge n whine over

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  • That's probably the most common type of pain I have, and yes its just a different kind of pain and is one of the most common types of fibro pain.

    Sorry to hear about the flare hun, and you feel free to "whinge and whine" all you want sweetie. We are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves sometimes! xx

  • I only asked because someone asked me if I had pain, or aching like the flu. I said aching, and her reply was well, you're not in pain then, I just wondered what the difference is!

  • Lol, well I'm guessing (correct me if im wrong of course), that she does not have fibromyalgia. I have not just constantly had the flu for nearly 2 years that's for sure!

    When you think if an 'ache', mist people would say that that's a pain. Your friend is just a fuddy duddy xx

  • Aches are defined as a dull pain. IMO they are even worse than sharp or stabbing pains because those are easier to recognise and I daresay deal with. The ache of fibromyalgia is even worse because it is so pervasive and widespread and accompanied by a fatigue that cannot be compared to anything else.

    Comparing the two will be like someone who scalded a finger in hot water comparing their pain to someone who got a minor'ish' acid burn. They are both burns but not the same - and I speak from experience.

    Sorry about the rant. I just get so pissed off with ignorami.

    In short, that person is an idiot!

    Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Of course it's pain it hurts right ? , so in my book that's pain it nags and nags . Xx😇

  • I call the aching my base pain because it's a constant throbbing that seems to be deep in my bones! It is pain; don't let anyone who isn't ill with this or something similar tell you anything about our illness xxxx

  • Yes that's exactly how I would describe it! Couldn't get the wording right but this pretty much sums it up xx

  • Thanks hun ♥️🌻 xxxx

  • Well I bet that person isn't running a marathon whilst they have the flu. Mind you so many people say they have the flu when it is just a bad cold and as anyone who has ever had proper flu will tell you there is a world if difference.

    I think the way DanielleGemma described it as the base pain is excellent as for the majority of us that is always there and just fluctuates in its intensity from a mild ache to when you have a flare you think your muscles might explode either the pain. I love people who think they know more about someone else's condition than they do. Pain is pain.

    Take care of yourself hope you will be feeling better soon.

  • Thanks for the support, my friend does have fibromyalgia! Maybe it's how she copes, ie pretending she hasn't got pain, dunno.

  • With me its constant dull aches, stiffness and cramps in my feet and hands along with fatigue. Excercise makes the aches into pain.

  • I am the same.

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