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What's the difference between fibro and cfs?

My oh has been pretty worried about me lately and thinks I have cfs on top of fibro and hms. The symptoms seem to be the same as both conditions... has anyone got any insight on this please?

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As Paul Daniels might say "Not a lot"

The symptoms overlap in almost every particular, except that pain seems to be more of a feature with Fibromyalgia.

Treatment is the same - individual symptoms vary a lot, and doctors just focus on what is bothering you the most, so painkillers, antidepressants, antispasmodics and sedatives are pretty much all we can be offered.

There's tons of info on the 'net about differences between the conditions, but it's all academic, as there would be no specific treatment for either.

Moffy x


Thanks moffy just another thing to deal with then lol x


I was led to believe [however truthful or not] that fibromyalgia is the same as cfs but with pain. As moffy says the symptoms overlap consistently. I was diagnosed with both and as far as I'm concerned it's all the same thing :)


Thanks fyrefly x I'll just play by ear just now, besides it's not as if anyone can do anything about it xx


I ME/CFS & Fibro. ME 30 years ago now. I feel they are all much of the same bu have to say the pain factor with Firbo is much more promblematic than other two! Never have I expereiced pain like it despite the strongest of Medications!

I don"t believe there is a difference really, its only a lable when it comes down to it, It the day to day of dealing with it tha counts

Try and live a day @ a time because no two days are the same!! Thats all everyone of us have is today!

Yesterdays history, tomorrows a mystery and today is present I count that as a gift! Gift of another day however painful or miserable it may be!

Best wishes to you BB X

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I love the Yesterday is history comment. Despite all the pain and exhaustion, and the fact that symptoms change almost hourly. We are alive; being grateful for small blessings can be part of living with Fibro. One of my favorite sayings is, This to will pass. It works for me, as it helps me hold onto joy, happiness, and to remember in my worst most challenging moments, that the pain and exhaustion can and will change. (usually some other pain will be involved, but that to will pass)

A small poem, not my own;

Begin with the possible:

Begin with one step

There is always a limit,

You cannot do more than you can.

If you try to do too much you will do nothing ultimately.

The secret of Life is, (especially with Fibro) Just to live it, we all try to do so much more, myself included. I love positivity, in words, which I try to action. This site is one place where I find positivity, and people who are living everyday with similar challenges. I feel I am in great company.



Thanks bb xx


Hi I had CVFS for 15 years and had learnt to live with it rather than it dictate to me how I lived....Then my life spiralled out of control ...Loads more stress than it could take and I endid up with acute Fibro. then had to start taking tablets for pain and sleep deprevation. I still have both and find it very hard as every-one else says ....NO two days are the same. I end up with ,sleeping and still feeling tired all day. :-(

I do hope you can find a way to have some relief from it.

Gentle hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x x x x


Thankyou rainbow x I'm working my way round it all a day at a time x having my iron levels checked as we speak as well so hopefully they will be ok x


Hi trae, I recently saw a rheumatologist who gave me the best explanation of cfs and fibro, he said if you have been diagnosed with both, one is primary and one secondary, if it's more fatigue then it's cfs/ fibro if it's more pain then it's fibro/cfs this to my befuggled mind made sense..... Hope that helps, bless ya lovey :D


Thanks very much that makes much better sence xx


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