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A good rest... How?

For one...I stopped taking statin drugs

They only added to the muscle pain especially in my legs that I already had from fibromyalgia. We need that cholesterol for our brains and heart health anyway, some more than others.

Plus I have been taking 10mg of melatonin, over the counter...at bedtime, or also valerian root helps me sleep through the night. I trade off so I don't take the same thing every night. I wake up as needed to use the restroom and go right back to sleep...wake up in the same position I went to sleep in. No more fighting the bed. Good luck to everyone! I hope some of this works for you, as what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other!

I Googled my information about the statin drugs. The statins came in hot and heavy and everyone was using them but time showed they also did much harm and so it is not always the best thing to use them. For me, it's not. Read about the five very important reasons why statins can be bad for you.

Sweet dreams y'all

Gentle hugs to everyone from Glenda

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I wish I could stop statins as they definitely don't help the aches in my legs. Unfortunately, I have the familial type of high chlorestrol so without the evil tablets my reading is 9.4 and even with the one I can tolerate best it only comes down to 6.4. As heart problems are on both sides of my family and as I had a very serious DVT at an early age it is too risky not to take them. I totally agree if you can do without them by diet, exercise and the addition of a herbal remedy it is the best course to take.

So far I haven't done very well with anything herbal my body doesn't seem to like them, mind you there are alot of drugs like antidepressants and Tramadol it doesn't like.

Good luck with your regime. So glad you are getting some good rest at night.x

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Yes I'm stopped statins very bad muscle spasms in legs with them.i need to take them but pain to severe to continue.


I just learned that my sister is taking something called Zetia for cholesterol. I will be looking into that. My high cholesterol is also genetic and dieting does not control it. But I feel that statins are very dangerous. I wish you well. I will let you know how this plays out for me. Meanwhile time for another hydrocodone. Night y'all


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