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Stress and pain

Didn't sleep last night but then that's nothing new have my sons wedding tomorrow and Sunday two ceremonies as he is marrying a Hindu girl. I am really looking forward to it but at the same time stressing as we have to drive to Leicester about 150 miles tomorrow morning for the first wedding at 2.30 then we have Saturday free to relax etc although having hand henna at 4 then Sunday will be another long day as we have to be at venue for Hindu ceremony at 9 until it all finishes. I am looking forward to the weddings just not the travelling etc. Doesn't help my arm is still in plaster from my surgery 3 weeks ago and still giving me a lot of pain. I think I will actually be glad when the weekend is over or maybe feel happier once we are thrre. I tend to feel very panicky now when I am going anywhere. Obviously I am not doing any of the driving that is down to my daughter and son in law. Just want everything to go smoothly.

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I am sure it will be a wonderful experience just rest when you can and enjoy the experience

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Hope it all gos well and you enjoy it,have pleanty of rest on sat I'm sure once your there it will be great :0) xx

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I'm in leics give me a wave on your way past :0)

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I will do Lorsxxxx ironically I c I'll me from Leicester and now 2 of my children live there 3 miles from the village I grew up in. I am sure once I am there I will enjoy it. X


People I know who have been to Hindu weddings say they are marvellous experiences with people being very kind.

I can understand about the journey as I find anything over an hour now very painful and tiring but hopefully you will have time to rest. I think you will be so wrapped up in the joy of everything that pain and fatigue will be forgotten and as you recover you will just have happy memories.x


Thank you Rosewind the Hindu wedding is on Sunday and really looking forward to that the civil ceremony is tomorrow afternoon so it's an early start tomorrow as I can't drive due to my hand surgery my daughter and her husband have been at work today and she is just 3 months pregnant so we are leaving at 7 in the morning


Think of it as chauffeur driven transport. Hope she doesn't suffer morning sickness! Early start but better that than having to rush. Enjoy.x


She has been really poorly with sickness but it seems to have stopped in the last week she has developed dreadful skin as well when she normally has beautiful skin. I would rather leave early and get there in plenty of time to get changed etc. Especially as I can't get myself dressed fully. Will be happy once we are there didn't sleep last night for stress doubt I will sleep a lot tonight but should be good tomorrow night as after wedding one lol x

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im having a hindu wedding this month. the civil wedding nearly broke me . but i did have a great day.the wedding can be quite long so make sure there is a seat for you on the mandap ( blessed stage area.) water and meds to keep you going.

it will be fun and hopefully the priest will be explaining why and how the stages and meaning come about. i hope you have a wonderful day.xx


That should be a great experience. Never been to one myself, just seen things about them on the telly.

As others say I get the impression Hindu weddings are great colourful friendly events. Though I understand the celebrations can go on a long time so you may want to check that out with someone from the Hindu side of your family. Perhaps they may have some suggestions of how to cope.

Are you going to be wearing a sari. Be lovely to see a picture of all the lovely dresses - if that's allowed.

Hope everything goes off swimmingly and blessings and peace to the happy couple. Enjoy as best you can!!


Blessings from the link above . . . .

1. May this couple be blessed with an abundance of resources and comforts, and be helpful to one another in all ways.

2. May this couple be strong and complement one another.

3. May this couple be blessed with prosperity and riches on all levels.

4. May this couple be eternally happy.

5. May this couple be blessed with a happy family life.

6. May this couple live in perfect harmony... true to their personal values and their joint promises.

7. May this couple always be the best of friends.

. . . . how lovely is that?! 💜

Gentle hugs, Margaret. xxx

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Thank you Margaret. We had the civil ceremony today and bride looked beautiful as did my son of course lol. Tomorrow we have chance to get over today as it's been a long day with the driving etc. We are all going to be wearing traditional Indian clothing although mine is not a saree but an outfit which is called a shalwar kameez which is a plain pair of very comfortable trousers then I have a lovely like long tunic which has embroidery on it and a type of scarf called a Dupatta. My daughter is hopefully wearing a saree we have a few people who are going to help her get dressed and make sure it fits nicely my other sons fiancé has a saree which has all been stitched to fit her and my sons are all wearing traditional Indian outfits and shoes which remind me of the old winklepickers as they go very narrow at the toe but also turn up a little at the end. The boys outfits are really nice some lovely colours. The grooms part of the wedding starts at 9 am on Sunday morning the bride doesn't arrive until around 10 my son sent us all an email explaining all the different elements of the ceremony I think he said there are 7 different steps. I think it will be a lovely experience I met some of the family for the first time today and they are lovely and very welcoming as to themthey have now handed there daughter over to our family. So tomorrow is a resting day as my knees have blown up my hand where I had the surgery is very painful as my fingers have swelled up where I didn't have the sling on today. Feeling very exhausted as well we are having a hand henna'ed at 4 tomorrow other than that a quiet day before the big day.

I love the list of things you have posted I think that is similar to the list I have of the different steps it is all very nice and loving. Nice to see my son so happy.

Will post how it has all gone either on Sunday or early next week depending how tired we are. But again thank you for your kind wishes. Xxx

Jackie xxx


Oh that sounds lovely, very elegant. I'm sure it will be a beautiful occasion. Rest up and have another lovely day.

Definitely a weekend to remember! 💖 xxx


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