Hey I am new here have been scrolling down some posts to have a read and to get an idea of what you guys talk about, I am not ready to post about me just yet but the environment seems really productive and supportive


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  • I would just like to say welcome to the forum. Ask any questions you would like to and we will try and help. Just from reading people's posts it is amazing what you can learn. Look forward to your future posts.x

  • Thanks Rosewine I like ur name by the way. I have learnt so much already and I haven't posted yet! lots of love x

  • I love roses but I also like a drop of Rose 🍷.x

  • I love roses too! But I am a fan of red wine 😊😊 so I will be red roses

  • Good idea. If I am honest I am partial to a glass of red or white as well. Have to be careful with all the meds though.x

  • Yes same here - unfortunately 😬

  • Hello and welcome

    play around and join in when your ready

    nice to have you on site

  • Thanks Rose

  • Hello Elise123 and welcome :)

  • Thank you I love your profile photo that's so cool

  • I love me some minions :D

  • I love Bob! He reminds me of a tic tac

  • King Bob ... too cute

  • Yep and the film is f*****g hilarious ! I was rolling on the floor in stitches

  • Hello elsie123 im new too but have posted few times x im not a fan about talking about myself either but it does help x

  • Hey Sue I guess places like this take some getting used to. .

  • Yes nice people here. Hello and welcome!!

  • Thanks smugcat - people seem really friendly which is gr8

  • Cheers smugcat x I suppose I don't know what to talk about x pain is very personal x I only know what mine is like and can only imagine what yours is like x even my wife. (yes I'm gay) hasn't got a clue!!! She tries bless her but sometimes it just leaves me feeling frustrated x

  • Hey Sue, pain is personal totally personal. And ones who don't go through it just don't get it. by the way I think it's great it's legal for same sex marriages and good for you x

  • Cheers elsie123 we been married over 3 years now but together for 8. We have a boy of 7 too x I've got 3 grown up children and 5 grandchildren x so we are busy nannies lol. it keeps me going. How about you?

  • That's cool Sue, and so lovely you have children and grandchildren! I bet they do keep you going eh?! I am married have been together for 13 years married for 8. we don't see eachother much due to where I work and where he works but it's the way it is. Probably why we are still together seeing eachother at the weekends! 🤣

  • Hi elsie123, glad to meet you and welcome to our forum. Hugs xxx

  • Thanks you Falabella

  • Isn't that the best type of marriage elsie123? I've been laid off due to my health but my wife still works. It only happened last month, so I'm still adjusting to being home all day. I enjoyed my job but it was killing me slowly. I was nurse for adults with learning disabilities and mental health problems. It was very challenging and the shift work played hell with my sleep patterns.

  • Perhaps it is Sue! I am so independent sounds horrible doesn't it?!

    I am sorry about your work, it must take time to adjust. you did an amazing one too, to be there for those adults who needed some support I admire you. but there I guess comes a time eventually where we have to think of ourselves, and despite it being so hard for you you are going through the motions now. Give yourself time to adjust. I am working and intend to for as long as I can only time will tell x

  • So how long you been diagnosed? I was about 4 years ago but then developed pernicious anaemia and as they say the rest is history lol. You sound determined which is crucial with this condition.

  • I was diagnosed 13 years ago I am 32 now. I have lots of health problems. I fight every day and lunge myself into my work to bury all the troublesome angst and anger I feel about the excruciating pain. I have my bad days, in fact I have had terrible days. we all do don't we?

  • Oh it sounds like you've had it tough love x I'm here to emphasize whenever you need x

  • many people have it tougher, and it's a slow road which I am currently walking in the sense of recovery from many things in which actually like fibro may never happen. who knows?

    Thank you and same goes to you x

  • Will keep fingers crossed for us both

  • I will keep my fingers AND toes crossed for us x 😊

  • Welcome to our wonderful fibro family hun :) Hope you gain whatever it is you need from this forum and that you will soon feel ready to share and post - it really does help to know that others are in the same boat 💗💗

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