Why has there been so many problems on here? All I read i about issues and disagreements ******* stop this site is for support not rows

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  • I'm with you! Been here years, never known anything like it! xx

  • so sad really is ppl are surely meant to help eachother not nit pick

  • I see this is your first day on this wonderful forum and I don't see any problems today except one of the words you are using in your post beginning with F

  • Agree with you

  • I didn't say problems today Rose petal 60 if you read my post properly. Well done for being able to spell and noticing I used a word beginning with F πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I totally agree with you, Rosepetal60, I meant to send thus reply to you, but went a bit wrong! I joined beginning of this year , have had lots if help and support, without any need for abusive language from anyone . What happened to people just saying' could this please stop"! Why the need to use such language, ? Even if the words are typed in asterisks, I still think it's offensive and rather pathetic to have to use them, also why should the admin team, who DO try to help in whatever way they can have to remove them( I think that should mean the people responsible, not the words) ! WE ALL have a lot of pain, like some of the admin staff , I have many health issues for a long time with severe pain and fatigue, but still don't find it necessary to use foul language to express myself I don't even know what this is all about, but totally out if order ! I think I will be leaving the forum for a while, as didn't join to read a slanging match ! Nine of us need the extra stress , neither do admin, who despite bad health issues try to help!! You always get a few bad apples to spoil things don't you !!!!!! Love to all , except the rotten apples x

  • Hi sorry who are you actually replying to here?

  • I swore sancut I was told off by admin (mermaid) this was yesterday why are you continuing to bring up the swear word? There aren't rotten apples on this site and you cannot blame me for making you leave the site I doubt 1 word would make anybody leave

  • Like I said b4 focus on my posts message not the wording used

  • Welcome to our lovely friendly site, perhaps as its your first day you don't know that according to the rules swearing is not allowed on this forum, take care

  • hi My Dexter thanks for the prompt I also doubt in that case sarcasm isn't tolerated either? You are all targeting an F word over the actual principle of my post? Very very strange is that

  • Hi sherbetlemon,

    I assume you mean the principle of your first posting on the forum, where you ask the question "why is there so much trouble on the forum"

    Just to be clear, this forum is second to none on the Internet for giving support to people who need it. You were unfortunate in joining us at a time when there were a few issues from people who didn't understand the Rules & Guidlines, and got upset when they were pointed out to them.

    The Rules and Guidelines can be found on the blue posts to the right side of the screen. They are rather long, so I'll just mention the ones that seem to cause the most trouble. Swearing, Politics, and Religion.

    You're very welcome to join us and find out for yourself how supportive our members are. Clean slate and all that.


    GP. 😊😊

  • Totally agree, I've not known it to be like this in the past, but you always get someone wanting to ruin it, I've always been told "if you ain't got nothing nice to say then say nothing at all"

  • I think that there are severities to the illness. People who are in despare don't really consider the complexities of whether you agree or disagree with their post. You may well be able to manage your condition. There are many different aspects to it. You can't look through narrow channels. Some people can't function. It's about being real about the complexities people face.

  • Whose reply are you replying to?

  • I look thru no narrow channels & who said I manage my conditions? Sorry but if you are replying to my replies on here I don't understand what you are trying to say

  • I'm finding it difficult to navigate the site. I'm not sure who I'm replying to. Just reply to what I see.

  • Not replying to you individually. Just generally.

  • No worries Bobby 16 takes a bit of getting use to

  • Thanks Greenpeace and Dionne. Online can be a place of all kinds of ppl some want to cause trouble most do not it just took me aback when the actual post I made was sort of thrown to the sidelines by fuddy duddies picking up on the F word - there more to life and this site surely?

  • There is indeed more to life, and this site sherbetlemon.

    You will get great support here, and a few laughs along the way. Many of our members have a vast knowledge of the workings of the DWP, and we have our own Benefits Advisor (Janet).

    If you want to find out more about Fibro, or to find a support group, or even have an information pack sent to your Dr anonymously, if you feel that they need to know more about Fibromyalgia than they do, then visit our Website at .

    I hope you stick around and we can get to know you better, and we can do what we do best and that is helping people with Fibro to get the best out of life in whatever way we can.


    GP. 😊😊

  • Thanks GP

  • Just following the rules πŸ‘ as Greenpeace says, clean slate and all that πŸ˜ƒ

  • My dexter sure thx blue mermaid 3 sent me a message explaining so no issues all good here

  • πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I too have been here several years and haven't seen the like before. I believe its all done and dusted now so we should forget all the unpleasantness and support each other as always. Love to all xxxx

  • Gr8 to hear Lou1054

  • Hi sherbetlemon . Welcome, tricky start lol but got there in the end. I hope you find lots of support on our lovely forum. Was nice of you to put your post up, just may be not the F word. Lots of different ages on here, and it upsets some. Unfortunately you joined at a time things was not so good for certain peeps. But hey I have been on for a long time, and only witnessed this twice. Have fun, and look forward to chatting with you . Most of us luv having a laugh. Take it easy. X

  • Thanks blue 52 don't worry I have already bin lectured about the F word perhaps it was annoyance

    But thanks for the msg anyhow what happens on here I am sure isn't any different to another forum on a different site and it's part & parcel of life it happens

    Have a gr8 evening.

  • Ur welcome M8 anytime. Trust me , we are different, and a lovely family. Have a gr8 evening to.

  • Not everyone has to agree with everyone!

    Many times constructive idea's come from disagreements even.

    But as long as polite going about it then not really any issues!

    We are all different in our approaches to life yes find them often on the road being bellends.

    But at least on here we are all similar with a common denominator Being Fibro etc.

  • Love that term Bellends! Brilliant bravo

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