Tummy issues

I have no diagnosis but lots of fibro symptoms for past 10yrs. Bloods always fine (apart from GGT which go says wouldn't cause symptoms I get).

What I'd like to ask is....does anyone get problems with a full tummy feeling that stops them eating? I've had iBs symptoms on & off for years but this is different.

Tummy feels boated & full, bowel movements normal, can't eat much and have little appetite-eases off and keeps coming back

Do u think this is just another freaky fibro thing? I don't like to keep running to gp for every little issue that crops up so wondered if others get this too?

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  • I get this too quite a lot. I don't know how long that I've had fibro for so I'm not completely certain whether it's linked to it or not.

    Mines can get so bad after drinking anything carbonated that I look pregnant, like in the third trimester and I'm small framed so it's noticeable.

    Have you tried taking some buscopan? It helps me sometimes and when I get bouts of this I swallow them like sweeties. If they do t work I would go see your doctor. It's unlikely to be anything serious and it very well could just be your IBS but you're better off safe than sorry. Your doctor could also prescribe you something different, like Mebeverine, an anti spasmodic medication that may help bloating especially if it's painful. (Dorky about this stuff, and I work in a pharmacy)

    Also, I could recommend Colpermin. Doesn't personally work for me but some people swear by it.

    I hope you sort this out my sweet and don't worry about wasting the doctors time. I've seen someone go into A&E for a cut finger. Not the GP, A&E. It's worth getting checked out doll.

    Best of luck and big hugs xx

  • thank you, yes i also use Buscopan frequently and it usually works well for pains. it was more the feeling of fullness and bloating that was new to me. I'm going to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't improve after a few light meals ill go to GP.

  • I really think you should go to doctor. one thing I do know fibroids can cause this, they are not dangerous but do cause various symptoms.

  • thanks Uggycat, I'm going to keep a watchful eye and eat a few light meals next few days-will go to GP if no improvement-i don't have fibroids but do have endometriosis which i recently had scan for so don't think anything to be truly worried about

  • Maybe ask gp to change your IBS meds? sometimes our system gets so used to one thing it stops working and seems like its got worse.

  • Only otc iBs meds-never been offered anything by gp

  • I think you should go to see your doctor about this symptom.


  • I think gp will play it down tbh, will see how it goes

  • I don't want to worry you as it may be nothing but bloating and feeling full when you haven't eaten can be an indication of a serious problem so I would tell your GP and see what transpires.


  • yes, i will mention it karen as it is still a little bothersome, although has eased a bit. i do think its a fibre thing but the trouble is we tend to think that of everything

  • Yes, I have tummy issues all the time.

  • Could you keep a food diary to see if anything in particular is causing it?


  • I've done that and there is no pattern that i can see at all

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