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Hi all , newbie here . I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 months ago . I think I have actually had the problem for a number of years . I'm a 46 year old woman , two kids and I work part time . I have just been given Tramadol for pain control , I would be interested to see how people have got on with that ? Also has anyone claimed PIP for this condition ?

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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to our lovely forum there are lots of lovely friendly people here.

Shared experiences can be a massive support to everyone so please do keep sharing.

Please do take a look at pur mother site

There is a great deal of useful and informative information.

On the home page you will see pinned posts in blue and topics section underneath.

All of which help with locking your post to the worldwide web and social media.

Also navigation of site guidelines and symptoms and treatments of fibro.

Good luck on your journey my friend

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Hi I'm sue I'm 28 two kids an a hubby I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago but had fibromyalgia about 8 years xx


Hello Veggiehog and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get help, understanding, advice, support and friendship.

Yes, it is possible to claim PIP for fibro if your condition affects how you go about your daily life. If you find working is a struggle you may be able to claim ESA as long as you have paid enough NI stamps.

Here are the government websites which has the information needed.

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.


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Thanks , I will keep you updated on how the claim goes ☺


DWP messaged to say they received my claim 7/07/17 .. Nothing from them since!


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