Fibro treatment ?

Morning you lovely people, can please anyone tell what treatment you are on for Fibromyalgia? And also if you been refer to physiotherapy etc? I have only been diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA march 2017 and any advice would be very helpful 😉 at the moment i am on gabapentin and tramadol on really bad days, but too be honest it doesn't help much plus iv put weight on err and still suffer from chronic fatigue- any advice on that please?

Also i take all sorts of vitamins d,b,c,magnesium

Thank you, and have a lovely day 😚

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  • hi I was diagnosed last year after many visits to doctors, hospitals, and after lots of medication(that has made me more ill) I am going drug free - just painkillers, sleeping tablet (now and then) and supplements -(vitamins etc.,) - I have been trying to get other help ie; help with costs of swim/aqua or gym to no avail (they say they are not funded to help even with a doctors letter) - I also I asked the doctor is there anything more for me ie acupuncture , physio, etc., anything BUT drugs (because of my intolerances and they space me out too much and the awful side effects ie. weight gain (I have lost 5lb since not taking the drugs) I wish you the best of luck - I also think some people can get more help in different parts of the country (maybe ! ). Neese. x

  • Thank you, i am seeing my gp 2moz so i can ask abt things, have a lovely day xx

    Ps.iPs.i would not be able to walk or even lift my hands if it wasn't for gabapentin but hate myself now for gaining weight err

  • I have been taken off everything, I was on Amytriptaline, I have also had Gabapentin, and so many others I cant even remember the name of them all. I have also tried physio, no use.

  • Thanks a lot, yes amipitriline made me very aggressive towards my 5years old boy,so i stoped immediately xx

  • Morning hun- first of all ask gp to check your B12 levels, iron levels and calcium (he should do a full vitamin deficiency test) don't buy rubbish vits from High ST shops they are a waste of money and a massive profit for the shops, they only contain small quantity of the vits and the rest and additives and placebos! A gp will prescribe what you need if you are deficient, if you are NOT then you might overdose on vits, our bodies don't need overload or they react and tell us to stop. I too take Tramadol with parecets for pain - I couldn't tolerlate gabent and pregab! With the meds we take, the vityamins not needed and daily intake our Livers are on overdrive -that can cause fatigue!I also have joined another forum on here "weight Loss NHS" -in my communities drop down, they are very helpful with balanced diets. CFS comes when we overdo our ability with fibro- you really need the help of an occupational therapist and a physio who specialise in our conditions, you really DO have to change the way you live to cope with Fibro/CFS/ME.Good luck stay with us and I hope we help you on the right track.

  • Thank you will ask gp 2moz for blood test, also bcs iv not long been diagnosed, i had mri scan for my hands as they suffers the most,still had no results as i will see reumatologist again in july, also iv been told to eat everything as usuall till go will arrange a gastroscopy to check if i am celiac, after that she wants me to eat gluten free diet 🤔

    Appreciate your reply thank you

  • Hi JustynaFitt

    For my Fibro I take Pregabalin, Nortriptyline, Cocodamol and Sumatriptan (for my migraines). I am on loads of other medications for other conditions though. I also have two TENS Machines, and use a MediPen.

    I have also been to physiotherapy and undertaken CBT.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Wow thats lots of meds! Hope you doind well yourself.

    Thank you

  • Good luck my friend

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