Sleep deprived

Hi Fibro room ...

well yesterday was a bad day for me... Been really depressed and far to tired to focus on everyday life... Got half hours sleep last night as my gorgeous little cub is really unwell , bless him... Dying for a coffee or two but have no energy to move of the couch.. Hope everyone else is ok ?! Sending healing hugs to you all... Xxx

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  • Half hour sleep is no good. No wonder you need a coffee x

    I'm going back to bed. The scamp was running around wanting his biscuits.

  • Sorry to hear that you are feeling low. I hope that fur baby recovers soon. Maybe a day on the sofa cuddling is what you both need.

  • Hello, Sorry to hear you have had a rough night, and with a family and furry one it doesn't sound like you will be able to make up with a nap either :(

    To look on the positive side, it is a lovely sunny day, spring has finally arrived and we can eat as much chocolate as we like today!

    Hope you have a good night tonight.


  • Hi fibroroom thank you for sharing. Hope you gets lots of hugs and encouraging words.

    Hope your little club is better soon to and you get plenty of rest.

    Good luck :)

  • Aw bless hope your lovely little cub starts to feel better, it's so hard looking after others when we're struggling so much ourselves but somehow we do it, sending healing hugs to you and your cub 🤗🤗xx

  • thank you doll... We seem to find the strength deep within us to cope when it comes to our poorly cubs xxx

  • I no how you feel it was half 7 before I lay down to sleep I'm like the walking dead zombie for hire it's no wonder we are drained we can't go on with this lack of sleep MommaBearSarah hope you have better night tonight xx

  • bless you lovely lady... It's absolutely awful isn't it ?! All my doctor/rhumatologist says to be about lack of sleep is to sleep as much as you can during the day , that's completely impossible when you've got young ones to care for... all we can do I guess is try and sleep as much as we can at bedtime pfft.. I HATE THIS ILLNESS !!! xx

  • I'm lucky not to have you got ones but I seem to lose my mornings now it's a awful illness I did asked gp for sleeping tablet but she refused as I'm on 60mg morphine she reckons that should help me NOT I'll soon be running out of matchsticks

    Bam xxx

  • Hi MommaBearSarah

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have had such a bad day and I sincerely hope that you feel better tomorrow. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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